Rebound With Force – With Giant Killer Timmy Reyes

Timmy Reyes, who recently beat Kelly Slater and Andy Irons at the U.S. Open, has the rebound down. He needs no help in bashing the hell out of the lip to complete a roundhouse cutback-you do. The rebound is one of the funnest and coolest-looking maneuvers in surfing, and Lower Trestles, where Timmy is pictured here, is a perfect venue for one.

1-2. Do a normal roundhouse cutback, but remember to keep as much speed as possible throughout the turn. Notice how close Timmy is to the breaking part of the wave-in a contest, they call that “critical positioning”; in regular surfing, they call it “rad.”

3-4. Halfway through his roundie, Timmy eyes the spot on the lip he wants to hit. Pretend the lip is the guy who was talking shit to your mom, and look for the area on his head where your knockout blow is gonna land. Aim too high and you’ll lose the wave, too low and you’ll get swallowed up in the whitewash.

5. Shift your weight from your front foot to your back foot, while keeping an eye on the spot you’re going to bash.

6. With your weight now evenly distributed over your board, allow the lip to do the work. Ideally, it will launch you forward. The trick here is to stay centered and loose-anything can happen here.

7. After the wave has launched you into the whitewash, keep your knees slightly bent to absorb any weird turbulence, or be like Timmy and look to the beach to see if your bros saw you ripping.-Justin Cote