Recap: Save Trestles Meeting At San Clemente Community Center

Sierra Club’s Coastal Director, Mark Massara gave a great presentation.  To learn more visit <>

On Thursday, July 24th the public packed the San Clemente Community Center to listen to an excellent presentation given by Mark Massara, Sierra Club’s Coastal Programs Director, about the recent happenings regarding the fight to protect San Onofre State Beach from the destructive Foothill-South Toll Road.

Over 200 people attended the meeting and many signed up to help us spread the word about the threat that faces our great park and surf beach.

To see the video of the meeting and Mark’s powerpoint presentation please click the links below.

We still do not know if and when a public hearing will be granted, but we will keep you updated. Until then we are continuing our public outreach.  Volunteering to help us reach those that love Trestles Beach and the San Mateo Campground is the single most important thing you can do to protect San Onofre State Beach from the Foothill-South Toll Road. If you would like to volunteer please contact me at <> or call 949-361-7534.

Powerpoint Presentation <>

Video: Part 1 <>  Part 2 <>  Part 3 <>  Part 4 <>

Special thanks to Marty Benson from the Save San Onofre Coalition for videotaping the event!

Robin Everett
Friends of the Foothills