Recently discovered spider species named after surfer Mick Fanning

Australia holds their professional surfers in high regard. And they hold their surfing champions in even higher regard.

Take Mick Fanning for instance, who recently had a newly discovered water spider species named after him.

The new species of water spider, the Pisauridae mickfanningi, received its name through a competition held at the World Science Festival in Brisbane.

According to ABC News Australia, “Entrants were asked to pick a name that not only captured the essence of the spider but drew inspiration from World Science Festival Brisbane, World Water Day or a Queensland connection.”

Mick Fanning on the Gold Coast. Photo: Courtesy of Ed Sloane/World Surf League

The winning named was submitted by Brazil’s Hector Manuel Osório Gonzalez Filho in honor of three-time world surfing champion Mick Fanning, who is himself hails from Queensland.

“It’s pretty awesome to know that the spider is quite local to the Gold Coast and only a short drive from Snapper [Rocks break],” Fanning told ABC News Australia.

Fanning has also had other honors bestowed upon him like Officer of the Order of Australia and GQ Australia’s Sportsman of the Year. Just further confirmation of how much Australians love their surfers.

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