Red Bull Big Wave Africa Waiting Period Opens

Red Bull Big Wave Africa 2008

July 24 – August 31, 2008
Dungeons, South Africa

July 24, 2008: – – Hout Bay, Cape Town – – There is a strong groundswell approaching Cape Town, and this Friday and Saturday are looking like prime days to run the Red Bull Big Wave Africa 2008.

While the swell is predicted to stick around for both days, the event organisers only need one day of optimum conditions to run the event off and Saturday is looking the better of the two days. The event organizers have called an Amber Alert and the event is currently on 24-hour standby.

“It’s going to be very difficult to not call the event on Saturday judging by what the charts are showing,” said official event wave forecaster Steve Pike. “The swell looks really good throughout the day.”

Co-contest director Gary Linden from California is also upbeat about what the swell charts are revealing. ” The swell is looking really good for Friday and Saturday, and we’re all ready to go,” said Gary. “We’ll be on the mountain at first light Friday to have a look.”

The event website is up and running, and should we have a green for go this weekend there will be a live webcast of the entire event, as well as image and video uploads throughout the event.