Red Bull ‘Minor Threat’ Episode 3 From The Mentawais

Minor Threat Boat Tripper Evan Geiselman Interview

TransWorld SURF: What was your initial reaction to the crew, did you think it was gonna be sweet or drama?

Evan Geiselman: I thought it was going to be really fun. I knew everyone before the trip started so I knew we where all going to have a good time.

Of the 8 surfers, who were you most excited to surf with or watch surf?

I always have fun surfing with the younger crew but when we were all out at once it was an expression session. Everyone was doing crazy shit so it was fun surfing with everyone on the boat.

What was the vibe like the first few sessions? Were people chill or aggro out in the water?

It was actually really mellow; we all didn’t surf at once really. But when we did we all took turns—Bruce really appreciated all the waves I gave him [laughs]. He burned me the most but it was classic.

You did some crazy airs on this trip, were you being pushed by the crew to rip your hardest?

Yeah I was trying to surf the best I could. I really wanted to get nuts clips 'cause Kai Neville was on the trip and you always want to do something crazy when he’s filming.

What were the family dinners like?

Every night Bruce would tell the best stories I’ve ever heard. Between him and Ian Walsh those two have had some fun times…

How far into the trip did the whole crew really start meshing and hanging out together?

I don't think there were any awkward moments the whole trip—everyone meshed right off the bat.

What did you think of all the media on the boat?

It was great having, you never had to worry about something being missed. Those guys gruelled it out and were on the beach all day.

What was the funniest thing that happened on the trip?

Conner Coffin's double front flip off the top deck that Bruce made him do was pretty funny. He was struggling after that thing.

When the trip ended, did you walk away with a different feeling about the crew than when it started?

I just felt closer with everyone and had some classic times. It was a super fun crew and can’t wait for Red Bull to do the same trip next year!