Red Bull’s “South Swells Project” Score Big In Southern Chile

Alfredo Escobar

On Chile’s cold and dark winter coast surfer Ramón Navarro rode a 10 meter wave, the biggest wave of his life. This dedicated big wave athlete has been working on the Red Bull South Swells Project for three years with the objective of discovering, surfing, and documenting the biggest wave in the world.

In March, the expedition had successfully discovered this world class wave off Chile’s southern coast; a bigger, steeper, and meaner version of similar beasts already ridden in the north. The discovery was made and the spot described by the crew as the “miracle wave”.Alfredo Escobar

Led by outstanding Chilean surfers Ramon Navarro and Cristian Merello and accompanied by Diego Medina and Brazilian Everardo Pato they prepared to meet an incoming swell and then waited three days for the “marejada” to hit and the conditions to come together. On the third day they finally reached the mutant wave after a 30 minute jetskiride, far from the coast and with absolutely no land in sight. They couldn’t believe their eyes...The size of the wave itself was impressive and the waves at 7 to 10 meters were definitely big but this crew had seen big surf before. The square shape and amazing raw power combined with the size blew their minds, like nothing the group had seen; surpassing even their wildest expectations. “The heaviest waves I’ve ridden in my life so far”, said Navarro.

The Red Bull South Swells Project is ambitious since Chile’s coast is so extensive and largely inaccessible but everyone involved is noticeably passionate, knowing the tremendous potential of discovering even more world class waves. “We will continue to travel throughout the southern coast because we’re sure we will soon ride the biggest waves in the world. I just hope we have enough time to accomplish this before big industry destroys and pollutes these surf spots”. There is a new thermal electrical center that threatens to destroy these beaches and its waves. “This would be a shame because we have been looking for this wave for years and now that we have found it; the thermal electric plant wants to destroy it,” Ramon Navarro.Alfredo Escobar