Redsand Regains License From C&C

Redsand Inc., a manufacturer of young men’s apparel for the actionsports industry since 1985, announced today that is reclaiming itslicense from C&C Companies. Redsand does not intend to pursue otherlicensing agreements but will assume control of all design andproduction responsibilities. C&C will continue to produce and ship goodsfor the next few seasons to ensure a smooth transition for the brand butthe sportswear licensing agreement will soon come to an end after a12-year relationship.

Redsand principal Jim Austin says he and his partners sought toreacquire the license after 12 years because, “The opportunity to regaincomplete control of the brand presented itself and that type ofopportunity doesn’t come around very often. We had a long and profitablerelationship with our licensee but it became clear that we each havedifferent visions for the future of the brand.”

As for what to expect from the Redsand in the future? Austin says, “Weintend to put the fun back into the company. Also, we also anticipatethat eliminating the cost inherent in any licensing agreement will makeus much more nimble and increase our responsiveness to the immediate andfuture needs of our retail partners.”

The terms of the agreement have not been disclosed.