Redsand Shows Off: Company throws a barbecue for its retailers.

On Saturday, June 12, Redsand held a large-scale barbecue at its Encinitas, California warehouse for its retailers to celebrate the completion of a new skateboard mini bowl. The event provided good vibes for all.

“We’ve been with Redsand ever since it started back in ’85,” says Tom Schulz, owner of K5 surf shop in Encinitas. “They’re cool people, they’ve got their act together, and this is representative of that.”

Those who attended helped themselves to a smorgasborg of good food and drink. In the tradition of the company’s classic-Americana image, music for the celebration was provided by an up-tempo jazz band. Although the band was cut off early due to a noise ordinance, one of Redsand’s owners¿Jim Austin¿could still be seen slapping the strings of his huge stand-up bass through the evening.

However, most of the attention was focused around Redsand’s new kidney-shaped mini bowl. The bowl was quickly broken in by a host of Redsand affiliates, retailers, and friends.

The construction of the new bowl and recent skate ads seem to suggest Redsand is moving further into the skateboarding sector, but Sales Rep Allen Johnson says that this isn’t entirely true: “Redsand has always focused on a beach lifestyle image. Although the company has taken on a more sophisticated look, we’re going to continue to remain faithful to the beach scene. As far as the skate thing is concerned, it seems as if every company in the world has been pushing the skate image. There is just too much competition.”

Redsand began in 1985 and has made it a high priority to maintain good relations with the retail sector ever since. The company has done everything from complementary snowboarding trips to ASR bowling parties to demonstrate this commitment. However, Saturday’s event didn’t feel like a ploy to promote Redsand¿the coordinators seemed to be more in the business of providing good times for their friends than trying to sell product.

¿Casey Macker