Reef Biarritz Surf Trophee 2000

Reef Presents the Reef Biarritz Surf Trophee Unique Contest Format, Sixteen Top World Surfers and $104,500 USD PrizeMoney Make Up the Reef Biarritz Surf Trophee

[IMAGE 1]San Diego, CA (October 2000)-Reef, a leading footwear company in the actionsports industry, presents the first ever Reef Biarritz Surf Trophee.Sixteen dynamic surfers, chosen from all corners of the world, will competein a unique contest format for prize money of $104,500 USD.

The contest will be held in Biarritz, France at Grand Plage from October 28to November 5, 2000.

Fernando Aguerre, co-founder and chairman of Reef stated, “With the creationof the REEF Biarritz Surf Trophee, we hope to introduce a unique andchallenging contest to the surfing community. This contest will infuseBiarritz and the competitive circuit with a new energy.” The contest boastsa unique format where all surfers will have a chance to compete against oneanother through a series of one-hour heats. There is no wave limit but thejudges will use only one score (best wave) from each of the heats. The topeight point-ranked surfers will advance to the semi-finals and finally fourwill advance to the finals. With $104,500 in USD prize money up for grabs,the contest is sure to bring out the best in the surfers.

Aguerre continued, “We are proud to include some of the best European,Hawaiian, Australian, South American and U.S. athletes in this contest.These talented surfers are certain to bring an elevated level of competitionand enthusiasm to the Reef Biarritz Surf Trophee.” The surfers, includingKelly Slater and Rob Machado, were chosen based on their contest performanceand radical free surfing abilities.

Reef footwear was founded in 1985 by Fernando and Santiago Aguerre and todayis the largest surf and beach footwear brand in the world. Reef specializesin all type of beach, sport, technical and casual sandals and is an emergingleader in skate and active footwear. It is distributed in over 100countries on over five continents. The company is located at 9660Chesapeake Dr., San Diego, CA, 92123. For more information contact HeatherBensen at 800-423-6855 or