Reef Helps Those In Need

Reef responded to one of the world’s most dire humanitarian situations when it donated 5,000 pairs of shoes to refugees from Kosovo, Yugoslavia.

It all started when Reef received a flyer from the World Emergency Relief organization, a nonprofit organization, describing ways companies could help refugee families in Southern Europe. The company immediately contacted the group and put together a 40-foot container of shoes from the warehouse.

Sizes to fit men, women, and children were included in the very large “Love Box,” in addition to individual care packages collected from employees throughout the company. The refugees were to receive the shoes within a week.

“It is hard to believe that in this day and age, we can sit back and literally watch an ethnic cleansing unfold before our eyes,” stated Sheila Hawkins, marketing director for Reef. “Helping those innocent people who were torn from their homeland should be on everyone’s mind.”

Reef is no stranger to helping out those in need. The company has also donated more than 10,000 pairs of sandals and shoes to orphans in Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala, and to numerous nonprofit organizations helping the needy in Mexico. Fernando Aguerre, co-founder and CEO of Reef declared, “Helping and giving back is part of being in business, otherwise our mission in life as businesspeople is incomplete.”