Reef McIntosh & Crew Go To Charger Camp

Kauai’s Reef McIntosh has no need for educating himself on the fine art of rushing big waves, but what he does have a need for is his beloved San Diego Chargers fix. Check out these two clips from snowboarder Todd Richards’ video blog called “Todcast”.

Clip #1 is okay…Todd the snowboarder makes fun of Mike from Nixon and they both realize neither of them know the first thing about football. That’s where SD Chargers superfan Reef McIntosh comes in…

The crew waits around the practice field until All Pro center Nick Hardwick (all 290lbs. of him) appears—shirtless no less. Hardwick—who dabbles in surfing—remembers Reef from the infamous jet-ski-over-the-falls incident in Tahiti and the two of them start to really hit it off, much to the chagrin of Todd the Patriots fan (of course he said nothing about that to big ol’ Nick). Anyway, we’re getting pumped up for some Charger football down here and couldn’t help getting amped up seeing how bad ass Nick Hardwick is!

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