Reef Names New Puerto Rico Sales Rep

Apparently the debauchery of the Surf Expo weekend was not enough for the sales and marketing crew at Reef. After the show ended, the crew headed down to Puerto Rico to imbibe a little more.


A Puerto Rican “Retailer Appreciation Night” was held in Old San Juan for about 75 Reef retailers, staff, athletes, and Miss Reef girls. The party was held in an exclusive back room at Amadeus, one of the best restaurants in old San Juan. The party was held in honor and thanks of the retailers and their continued support of the Reef brand. Also, a new Puerto Rican sales rep was introduced, Antonio Iglesia, who has worked with Reef as a sub-rep for several years.

The night began around 7:00 p.m., and in attendance were retailers including Alex and Luis from Bora Bora, Luis and the crew from Kokomo, and Javier and Tito from Kalichee, to name a few. Reef teamriders Rob Machado, Fred Patacchia, Ben Bourgeois, and Jeremy Saukel, four Miss Reef girls, and the marketing crew from Reef were also on hand.


At 10:00 p.m. the party moved to Rumba, a nightclub down the street. As everyone was leaving Amadeus there was a local band playing drums getting ready for the festival of San Sebastian that was to begin the next night. The Reef girls were feeling a little silly and walked to the center of the circle and began dancing the Salsa. They then proceeded to lift their skirts showing of their assets and before you knew it people were running from everywhere trying to get a glimpse of what was going on. If they didn’t leave when they did there could have been a riot on hand. It was classic. Onto Rumba where the partied lasted until the wee hours of the morning — and no one remembers what happened after that.