TrinityGotcha Tahiti Pro 2000A Film by Alastair McKevitt

This is by far the best film about the Gotcha Tahiti Pro yet. Alastair McKevitt directs a dreamy, mesmerizing tale of gigantic water cylinders devouring humans; futuristic, acrobatic, high-flying stuntmen; and backside supremecy. Get this video just to see Andy’s waves, Slater, Dorian, Bruce, Shane, Cory¿everybody. Good job, Alastair. You really made a good movie. You made a bunch of dudes sit in a room, stare at the TV, groan, scream, cry, smile, and feel good (and yes, moms and dads, you can feel safe showing your sons and daughters this video).¿C.C.

Hi-FiXodus Productions

I’m not much of a snowboard-video connoisseur. I like to see guys and girls flying through the air, and I think it’s cool how they can jump so high. Snowboarders usually stink because they have to wear so much gear. Their feet especially stink because of the wool socks. Whatever, who cares if they stink? They can fly off stuff and do flips. I like this video because my favorite snowboarder, Gabe Taylor, does some switch-ass flips and spins and other snow-related jumps. Torey Piro is also a bro, so go buy his video.¿C.C.

Chapter 11¿Going For BrokeA Tenth Street Bros Film

This is a movie about skimboarding. There’re crazy motherf¿kers skimming into certain death at huge Wedge in Newport Beach, California. There’s also a cool segment with Mike Morrisey (Mike’s a very diverse kid with multiple talents) surfing and skimming. The main highlight of the movie, though, was the drunk idiot trying to front flip off a roof. He overrotated and landed flat on his face with a prevalent “Thud!” to prove its severity. Bill Bryan made this movie, as well as starred in it, and it’s really entertaining (even if you don’t get down on a plank).¿A.S.

Destruction Derby RAWMidway/PlayStation

If you like games that involve destruction of automoblies, then this is definitely the game for you. There’re four battle modes to choose from, the “Skyscraper” mode being the most fun. The scene is on top of a skyscraper, and the object is to knock all the other cars off the roof. It’s hard to control, and I found myself flying over the edge to my untimely death dozens of times. You can play with four people total, so get a crew together with a few extra controllers and you’ll have got yourself a bonafide demolition derby in your living room.¿A.S.

Sega GTSega Dreamcast

This is a pretty traditional race game with tournaments between you and five computer players. In this game, you have to earn a driver’s license before you can race, and it’s a huge pain in the ass. Once you’ve won a few races and earned key sponsors, the game starts to pick up a little bit. It allows you to purchase faster and more competitive cars with your winnings. At first this game sucked, but the longer I played, the more I liked it.¿Daxter Lussier

Mario GolfGameBoy Color by Nintendo

Are you longing for a game of golf, but don’t play? Well, with practice and training, you can be the new club champion of Mario Golf. After beating different club champions in the tournament mode, you can take a swing at Mario himself or get a friend and use the game link for a match game. Mario Golf is actually my favorite game on the color GameBoy. Obviously, the graphics aren’t the best, but this game’s pretty entertaining.¿D.L.

Test Drive V-RallyInfogrames/Sega Dreamcast

Rally cars are the coolest race cars on this planet. They are like little sports coups with jacked up wheels, flared sides, lots of stickers, and crazy hot engines. This game is all about rally car racing. If you have Dreamcast and are looking for a race game that doesn’t look and feel stupid, Test Drive V-Rally is a winner. Great graphics and near-perfect turning along with high-speed action make a classic race game¿C.C.