Reflix 3-6

Progression VM Number Six
Lockdown Entertainment
This video magazine justs gets better and better. I’m feelin’ this one-dead-on progression in the editing department and in the featured surfing. All the sections are rip-roarin’, but the highlight of this piece is definitely the Five Air Challenge. There’s some seriously progressive shit goin’ on, but there’s nothing really new except Rat’s pop-shove grab out of the tranny. Will we ever see a kickflip grab on a surfboard? Are there any “aerial” surfers out there who know how to really street skate? Is this a moldy topic? Can I die now?-A.S.

Plaster Caster: A Documentary
Fragment Films
This movie’s about a female artist who got up close and personal with many of yesterday’s hottest rock musicians and made plaster casts of their penises. She convinced men like Jimi Hendrix and Wayne Kramer to pull out their penises and put them in a cup of plaster. The artist would bring in a few fluffer girls to help with the hardening process, er, sculpting. The plaster casts have been her life work, and to this day she still gets men to place their penises in the cups of plaster to create art pieces that really stand on their own. This movie has a great soundtrack with 5 Style, Make Up, Noel Redding, and Momus. Check this movie out, it’s bizzare to say the least.-C.C.

Revelation Special Edition DVD
Nevus/Billy Goat
It’s cool that Billy Goat released Revelation on DVD, because you get a lot of extras, and you get to watch any part at any time. Let’s say, for instance, it’s three in the morning and you really want to watch the Andy and Sunny part. Simply put in this DVD, select the Andy and Sunny part, and viola! you’re watching those guys rip! The DVD also has bonus footage that rips. DVDs rip.-C.C.

VHS Surfing Video Magazine
Volume Two, Number One
Don’t get too comfy watching this one, folks, ’cause you’re going to fall asleep and ruin the rest of your day like I almost did. I started fast-forwarding, but I soon gave up and turned the madness off. If you’ve seen any video in the last year, you’ve seen the footage in this video, with the exception of Jamie O’Brien. Then there’s the 411 format copied throughout the whole flick, bleeped-out intro songs, and to top it off, some stimulating insight. Actually, I heard Surfing magazine has to put a warning on the cover so people don’t drive or operate heavy machinery after exposed to VHS.-Ryan Kates

The Ombak
A Turner Film
This new video from the studious Turner Production Company is a fresh take on the average surf video. It’s shot entirely on-location in the tropics of Bali and Indonesia. The waves are ridiculously good, and the scenic shots are beautiful. The featured surfers are mostly of the Huntington Beach, California variety with Ryan Turner, Timmy Turner, Travis Potter, Danny Nichols, and Brandon Tipton. All these guys surf great in absolutely perfect waves. Guest stars include Mikala Jones, Rory Parker, Betet, Tipi Jabrik, Jason Bogle, Tory Barron, and Rizal Tanjung. This is possibly my favorite cast ever for a surf movie because all these guys are bros. Support indie projects and look for this video. When you find it, buy it. Thanks.-C.C.