411 Video Magazine
Skateboarding #46
May-June 2001
411 Video Productions
If you have’nt seen any of the 411 skateboarding videos, you should be tarred and feathered for being so stupid. It’s only the best video magazine for skateboarding on the market (the best video magazine in any market for that matter).

Basically, this video’s a current documentation of what’s being broken off in the world of skateboarding as we speak. Mainly featuring Reese Forbes, Cairo Foster, Paul Machnau, Caswell Berry, Salman Agah, Steve Caballero, and Danny Wainwright-Number 46 is an eye-pleaser. The only downside is the long length (about 45 minutes) of the vid. Maybe one day 411 Video Productions will produce 411 VM Surfing, but I highly doubt it. They probably think surfing’s lame.-A.S.

Concussion Productions
This is a very entertaining new video from the people who bring you the Concussion ‘zine. Amnesia is chock-full of meaty slams, pool ripping, some street demolition, and loads of funny, gruesome, and interesting bits that’ll keep your eyes glued to the screen. There’s a bit of surf footage that’s black and brown-it’s mostly filmed in Santa Cruz, California. This is just one of those entertaining videos you can watch over and over. The boxing matches are extremely funny but at the same time immensely brutal.-C.C.Check it out at

Sunny Dayz:
A West Side Story
High Voltage/Lau Vizion
Occy has The Occumentary, Curren has Searching For Tom Curren, and now Sunny Garcia has Sunny Dayz: A West Side Story. Fans of Sunny will be frothing! This video’s an all access pass to witness Sunny when he started his career, surf his ass off, and win a world title-all while speaking his mind along the way. There’s some bonus footage of all Sunny’s boys going mental and great interviews of a gaggle of Hawai’ian heavies like Dane Kealoha, Buffalo, Rabbit, The Ho bros, Mags, and Richard Silva. Check ‘um out, bruddah.-C.C.

Real to Reel
Real Skateboards
Here’s a another skate video you should watch because surf videos are boring. This flick is from Real Skateboards, who just so happens to have one of the best skate teams on Earth. First of all, let’s talk about the Gonz-Mark Gonzales is one of the most stylish skaters ever. If you’ve never seen footage of him, you should pop your eyeballs out with a spoon and eat them. Next comes Cairo Foster-a f-king legend, Huf-ollie king with quick snaps, Buffalo soldiers Matt Field and Nate Jones with mad Jah flips, am Damian Bravo coming up hard, and Max Schaaf rules vert as usual. Go to a skate shop and buy this tape.-C.C.