Reflix 3-8

M10 2Wilson Productions

This is a video showcasing the M10 surf team. The Santa Cruz crew is followed by a filmer bro and captured at their best and worst. Their best being large airs, genital-smashing barrels, and ass-whipping whip-its. Their worst being a big night out on the town in Peru that turns into a sloppy manfest of epic proportions.

This video’s very entertaining and shows guys who like to party! Whoooo! With Ratboy, Flea, Randy Bonds, Tyler Smith, Russell Smith, Edrick Baldwin, and Chris Lynch-what more could you ask for? Some of these guys have since changed sponsors, but they’re all still bros so check them out-pretend you got to go to Peru with them. Shout out to Tyler for his tubes and shit. You rip, my friend.-C.C.

ThunderphuqLiquid Tecknologies

Here’s a new surf video that’ll get your slash modulator modulating. Produced by Troy Tecklenburg and filmed by Mike Bernard, this is a modern thrashfest. There’s some new Newport footage that’s making all of us here want to go surf that shit. The opening section is an air lover’s delight with the likes of Fanning, Ozzie, Parko, CJ, Bruce, Andy-you know, the crew. Watch for Troy’s switch barrel, Fanning’s section, the Hobgoods, Cory, and some Hawai’ian funnel cakes. There’s also some good party footage of a guy jumping into a fire and much much more.-C.C.

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The September Sessions DVDThe Moonshine Conspiracy

The September Sessions came out last year, but it’s just now been re-released in DVD format. DVDs are cool because you get some extra stuff that makes older videos seem new again. You can go right to your favorite part without all that annoying fast forward bullshit that usually seems to plague my VCR. Soon all VCRs will be replaced by DVD players, so you might as well update your collection now. Bonus footage includes commentary by Slater, Jack Johnson, the Gerr, and Rob Machado. Plus, there’s the making of the movie included in there as well. These are a just a few reasons why DVDs are better than video tapes.-C.C.

5th Symphony DocumentFolklore and Rider Productions

The 5th Symphony Document is a Thicker Than Waterish sort of documentary about surfers and the lives they lead. It’s got that old-school soul vibe and an A.M. radio station soundtrack. Overall, it’s a pretty cool surf movie with great footage of Dorian, Machado, Conan, and Slater. There’re mellow voiceovers from all the soulish pros and some O-side insight from Jason Bennett, a Ben Brough snippet, and some ripping by Jeremy Heit in Indo that has a peaceful, irie vibe. What makes this video different and interesting are it’s use of filters and it’s clean, artsy editing style. Look for newcomers CJ Kahuna, Maz Quinn, and Darieus Gregg, ’cause they rip. Get this video, and chill on the couch for a little while-be mellow, man.-C.C.

Label KillsBlack Label Skateboards

Rock and Roll skateboard action that kicks you in the head and then tears it off. Any person-skaters and non-skaters alike-will be hyped on this thrash-fest because of it’s high-impact skating and ass-kicking soundtrack. Destroyers include: Jason Adams, Kristian Svitak, Jub, Wade Speyer, and my personal favorite, John Lucero. Get this video if you want to be entertained and impressed with some raw curb wrecking and ramp thrashing. If you buy one skate video this month, get Label Kills. It will kill you.-C.C.

Surfology 101Internetwork Media

Although the packaging looks as if it were made in the late eighties or early nineties, the CD-ROM inside holds many entertaining, as well as useful, information about surfing. My favorite part of this CD-ROM is the surf speak section that features some of my favorite surfers like Sean Marceron, Tommy Silcoks, and Peter Hanel. These guys break down the illusive “surf speak” and make it so dorks like myself can someday understand what the hell surfers are talking about. If I’m not mistaken, this is Sean’s acting debut and he does qquite well describing words like “Barney,” “Aerial,” and “Pit.” Way to go, Sean! Also included are tips from the world-famous surf instructor Kahuna Bob.This was my first computerized surf experience, and I definitely recommend this CD-ROM to everyone. Be sure to check out the section on surf speak and also the “Moves” section-it’s guaranteed to get you “amped up!”-C.C.

Thumb Blisters

Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots ArenaMattel/PlayStation

I have a childhood memory of the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em board game with the red and blue robots that punch each other until their heads pop up. Looking back, it was pretty lame but a lot of fun. The video game’s actually a little more entertaining, though.

Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robot Arena is probably geared toward eight to sixteen year olds, but I didn’t let the easy matches stop me. I fought the last eight opponents with only three losses. Along the way, I acquired body parts from the other players by knocking off their arms and legs.

Overall, this game’s kinda like Street Fighter, but less technical. Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robot Arena is a pretty good game and would be perfect for kids under the age of sixteen.-Daxter Lussier

NBA HoopzMidway/PS2

I was amped to play NBA Hoopz because I liked playing NBA Jams back in the day. They’re pretty similar, but NBA Hoopz seemed to be a little harder to get used to. The game was fun until I couldn’t beat the opposing team. After you lose a couple times, the game will just move you on to the next team, which gives you a chance to play even if you suck.

NBA Hoopz is fun and definitely worth getting, but if you aren’t into it, just bust out that old Sega console with NBA Jams and let the good times roll.-D.L.

Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMXActivision/Game Boy ColorYou’ve probably gotten the idea about this game, so let’s get straight to the point: Is it worth your money? Ever since Activision released Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, it seems like game makers are starting to understand how to develop decent games based on the sports of our generation. Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX for the Game Boy Color proved me right. The game’s pretty basic because it’s for the Game Boy, but it’s a lot of fun. There’re enough tricks and challenges to keep anyone entertained. The graphics are better, too.-D.L.

Worms ArmageddonInfograms/Game Boy Color

This is straight-up the best game for the Game Boy Color you can buy. If you’re looking for a sure thing for any of your game consoles (or PC), you should definitely get Worms. The graphics are basic, and so is your objective: kill the opposing worms before they kill you. It’s fun playing alone, but it’s even more fun if you play with a friend. While you battle other worms, you gather crates full of different weapons and try to find another worm to destroy. I could play this all day and not get tired of it.-D.L.