Computer BodyVeeco Productions

Computer Body is a real ass-kicker. It features Bruce Irons, Gavin Beschen, Barney, Kamalei Alexander, Tai Van Dyke, Dustin Cuizon, and the magnificent Ozzie Wright. Ozzie Wright is a human freak who will satisfy your craving for the freakish. You ignorant human clones better get of your pathetic fleshy asses and go to a human surfing outlet store and spend your weak human money and buy this video! The music will f¿k you up like a royal ass-whipping. You’ll not only have to get an extra copy of Computer Body for a friend, but you’ll also have to buy all the CDs by the bands that appear in this film like CKY, The Line, Hovercraft, Inbred Jed, Monsieur Leroc, and the ultimate ass-kickers, 400 Blows. Once again human worker-bee Brad Anderson has hid in the bushes and taken abuse to film the Volclones in their elements. What are you waiting for? A personal invitation? Go get Computer Body or suffer a massive head wound.¿CompuChristech

Short And SweetLynchfilms

Here’s a new video that shows dudes surfing on waves that are like crashing down onto the water. Full slashing all over the place with guys like Dean Randazzo, Bryan Hewitson, The Hobgoods, the Lopez brothers, and a bunch of other pros. None of the footage is gonna make you shit yourself, but it’s an update of what’s been going on lately in Florida, Hawai’i, and Cali (short for California). The music is mostly punk, but there’re a few other coffee-shop-style songs. If you have some free time, you may want to watch this video. There’s some secret footage of Tony Hawk and a downhill longboard skateboard race.¿C.C.

PeachesBillygoat Productions

This video is a must-see for any young aspiring surfer girl. It shows all your favorite female lip thrashers surfing the Mentawais, Tahiti, and Hawai’i. Keala Kennelly rips the hardest, Rochelle Ballard is the gnarliest, Serena Brooke and Lisa Andersen are the prettiest, and Megan Abubo and Sena Seramur have the best style. These girls all surf really well, are progressing way faster than the guys, and they try way harder. Next time someone tells you you surf like a girl, say, “Thanks!”¿C.C.

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On Video Skateboarding411 Video Productions

Let’s face it, surfers have been doing the same old shit for years now. Only a few guys are trying anything new, and rarely do they make anything, anyway. Skateboarding, on the other hand, has progressed ten times beyond surfing. Just watch this new video called On Video Skateboarding, it’ll f¿k you up. Tosh Townend, son of Peter, breaks off some serious shit and bends your mind. Bam Margera should be your hero, and you wish you were one one-hundreth of a percent as tough as Danny Way. If you’re just a boring surf bro who can watch the same slash twenty times in a row¿do it. You should smash your nuts with a hammer, because you’re an ass. Watch this skate video and wake up. Will surfing ever catch up to skateboarding? It’s up to you.¿C.C.

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Board Stories: First Name Basis

Board Stories Productions

In this video, surfers talk about themselves. It’s cool because you get to know the bros on a first-name basis. After you watch this video, you can walk up to Kelly, Occy, Kalani, Noah Johnson, and all the other dudes, and say, “What’s up, Kelly!” There’re some quality waves for most of the top pros, and you get to see what they look like close-up. Some dudes have acne when you didn’t expect them to at all. This tape’s worth checking out if you want to find some more insight on your favorite pro bros.¿C.C.

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Surfing Techniques With Tim CurranBeginner And IntermediateX-treme Video

Tim Curran is a really nice person. So nice, in fact, he’d like to teach you and your friends all the basics of learning how to surf. Along with his brother Josh and his friennd Dan Malloy, Timmy shares his knowledge of surfing with you, the beginner. These videos show, step-by-step, ways to help you learn to surf. They cover everything from preparation the night before a big day of wave-riding, to waxing, putting on a leash, stretching, checking the waves, surfing etiquette, and every other thing that might help you along on your way to surfing glory. This is a really good way for kids or adults to just get familiar with all the aspects of starting to surf. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to know what surfing is all about, or to anyone who thinks Tim is cute. Girls who like Timmy will want this because he talks a lot and makes jokes.¿C.C.

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