DiffusionFluid Films

This video is cool because it’s different than most of the crappy videos out there right now. There’re cool editing effects and good music. There also happens to be some great surfing by Mick Fanning, Joel Parko, Troy Tecklenberg, Ratboy, Rob Machado, and a bunch of other bros. This video has loads of Australia footage and good water footage shot by Mike Bernard, who’s also a bro. Paul Barranco is a freak who makes some crazy videos you should watch, unless you’re scared.¿C.C.

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Aaron CarterAaron’s Party: Come Get It.Jive Records

Is this the downfall of modern society? It might be because this kid is so bad it makes me want to hit myself in the face with a sledgehammer. Never before has popular music stooped so low as to let a twelve-year-old rich white kid act like a rapper. This kid has as much talent as a dead seal that’s washed up onto the beach. He’s the little brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, which shows why he got into show business. I say screw this kid, he sucks! If you’re over the age of seven and you like him, you should be locked up for being a pedophile.¿C.C.

Our Turn:An All Girls FilmXX Productions

Just another example of girls kicking ass like the T-shirt says. This video has just about every girl who can get extreme getting extreme. From some crazy-ass snowboarder girls and vert-skating ladies to big-wave-charging females¿this video covers all facets. If you’re a girl who’s considering getting extreme, or you already do, you should definitely watch this so you can see how extreme some other girls are already getting.¿C.C.Year Of The Drag-InMav Surfer Films/Powerlines Production

I hate talking about surfing. I even hate it more when people who know nothing about it ask me dumb questions. One time a woman asked me about the Mavericks wave in Northern California that comes in once every 50 years. Too bad the Year of the Drag-In wasn’t out yet. I could’ve told her there’s an incredible video, much like a documentary, that chronicles three of the biggest days Mavericks experienced in the Winter of 1999/2000. I also could have told her she could marvel at the stuntman-like moves Flea Virostko, Peter Mel, our very own Skindog Collins, and many other madmen were doing.

You’ve probably read everything about Mavericks and how crazy it is¿it’s crazier. You see, the way the spot is situated, anyone who paddles out or tows in there is open to a wide variety of waves that look like the one in the movie The Perfect Storm. Oh, and the water isn’t cold¿it’s frozen. And the sharks, they’re definitely out there.

The point I’m making is that the guys who are seen and interviewed aren’t mortal. Have five friends kick your ass and hold you underwater for about two to three minutes. After that, put Year of the Drag-In in the VCR, and you’ll know what these guys are doing.¿A.C.

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Second Class Citizen II:Off The CouchDFH Productions

I always love going out at night to a place where I can get in for free, and hopefully, if all goes well, I can get inebriated at no cost, too. Such is the case of one particular Saturday evening not too long ago. I went to the DFH video premiere and luckily avoided the horrendous line out front and skimmed my way into the bar zone. I had my first drink bought for me and was then handed a neon wristband that enabled me special access to a whole slew of perspiring green Heinekens just waiting to be ingested backstage. I seriously went out that night on a whim, got to see some cool surf/skate/snow action out of my squinting drunk eyes, had some good food, and even hooked a ride home¿all for free!¿A.S.

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Video Games

Surf RidersUbisoft/Playstation

Surf Riders is the first surfing game out on the PlayStation console.. It’s kind of like the old Nintendo game California Games, but a little bit better. At first it was really hard to play, but once you get the knack of dropping in and pumping, this game gets super addictive. There’re no big pro names, and the styles of the riders are a little bit wack, but as for now this game is as fun as a surf game has been yet. There’re only rights, and the designers obviously don’t know much about surfing, but what the hell, go get it and shred from your couch.¿C.C.

Sega GTSega Dreamcast

This is a pretty traditional race game with tournaments between you and five computer players. In this game, you have to earn a driver’s license before you can race, and it’s a huge pain in the ass. Once you’ve won a few races and earned key sponsors, the game starts to pick up a little bit. It allows you to purchase faster and more competitive cars with your winnings. At first this game sucked, but the longer I played, the more I liked it.¿Daxter Lussier

San Francisco Rush 2049Midway/Sega Dreamcast

Finally, a race game where you don’t just drive a few laps and wonder why you bought the game. S.F. Rush 2049 is the future of racing games, with rocket-powered cars and retractable wings for insane stunts and tricks. The best part of the game is the battle mode where you can customize your ride and fight your friends through eight arenas using a vast range of weapons and artillery. ¿Daxter Lussier