PickledBillabong/High Voltage ProductionsFrom the makers of the skate classic, The End, comes the next archetypal Billabong surf film. It’s called a surf film because it’s shot entirely using 35mm film. The video starts out with a drawn-out intro that features the Billa-bros partying in the Caribbean with some chicks. A guy named Bob shows up and gets wasted with the Billa-bros, falls asleep in the dingy, and then gets lost at sea.Besides all that stuff, Taj Burrow is the obvious standout with some serious air destruction. Benji is the character and style master with his backside abilities shining again and some heaters thrown in for your pleasure. The surprise section from Hawai’ian Brian Pacheco is a must-see ’cause it’s ruling.Heavy ripping from Parko, Rasta, Donavon, Dorian, Occy, Luke, and a good soundtrack are just a few more reasons why Pickled deserves good placement on your video shelf.¿C.C.

IratikaBilly Goat ProductionsHere’s the latest Billy Goat joint, and it’s action-packed¿full of hot shits. The footage is grainy at times while being covered up with artsy spasms, but overall, the quality’s nice. The editing format is like a video magazine with the band name and song title popping up when the section ends. It’s cool, but it takes away from the beauty of the ripping at hand, if you ask me. The music ranges from good (Trans Am, New Bomb Turks) to horrendous (wicked rap-metal), so keep a good CD on hand for when you hear rappers with guitars starting to scream. Overall, Iratika is erratic entertainment with hot airs and cool turns. Rip it up, bros.¿C.C.

Pressure Drop: Tavarua’s Memories, Myths, and Magic 1984¿2001Dave Ogle/Costa Esmerelda ProductionsHere’s another documentary-style video that focuses on Tavarua Island and the Tavarua-clothing surf team. The vid includes some cool information and footage of past storms, as well as an overview on the growth of the infamous island. There’re also a lot of interviews with local islanders who took up surfing after watching their bros ripping.Homer Henard surfs great and is also a professor of bro-speak, so definitely turn up the volume to hear his teachings. The music is bad¿sorry, a hodad would rock this in his woody. Overall, this video will make you want to sell your car and make a beeline to Tavarua.¿C.C.

T.V. Eye Issue #2Alpha Stare ProductionsThis is the second installment of the T.V. Eye video magazine, and it’s freaking rocking. Featuring indie bands Mudhoney, The Murder City Devils, J Mascis And The Fog (ex-Dinosaur Jr.), Zen Guerrilla, and England’s finest stoner import¿The Heads, make sure to play this in your VCR at full volume with surround sound. You can see the above-mentioned bands play a live set, and then an in-depth interview with them follows shortly thereafter. The producers have definitely stepped things up a few notches with a well-edited video documentary of the strongest influences to hit the underground rock scene in a long time.¿A.S.

Wanted: Dead Or AliveA Troy Powell Movie/Ghost Rider MediaThis is a visual journey through the eyes of a nice (and probably very expensive) video camera that’s documented many fine riders of oceanic platformed mediums. I was watching this video tape at home to review it and I came to an ultimate conclusion: “Isn’t it pretty how the ocean’s natural blue hue shines through your television set at night?”Overall, there’s a lot of torrid water moving around in this pristine cinematic capturing of volatile maritime elements. I subsequently had to fandangle with my VCR tracking knob a few times to get it working, but in this vast world of seafaring media¿that ain’t so bad.¿A.S.

Moby Play DVDV2 RecordsMusic DVDs are f¿king awesome! This new Moby DVD is so user-friendly that your computer-illiterate grandparents could easily explore the innards of this well-put-together, vast, digital world. You can play a bunch of videoos from his multimillion-dollar-selling album, Play, watch a video mega-mix (which rocks-out for hours), a twenty-minute movie made by Moby himself, a live TV show featuring Moby, and you can even remix a few Moby songs for your own original Moby hot-mix! This DVD has it all, my friends, so if you’re a Moby fan or simply a fan of new technology, get this DVD.¿C.C.


Dracula:The ResurrectionPlayStation/DreamCatcher Interactive Inc.This game’s based on Francis Ford Coppola’s 1992 movie Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Even though the characters are more or less the same as the movie, the game plot is a little different.At the beginning of the game, you’re shown a diary that explains your mission. Oddly enough, the diary’s narrated by a voice that sounds a lot like Keanu Reeves, who played the character of Jonathan in the original movie¿this game was scaring me already. Your mission is to find the castle, rescue your fiancée, Mina, and kill Dracula. As you play, you meet various people who give you clues and/or weapons. When you start collecting these items they seem pretty usless, but you’ll use everything before finishing the game.Overall, the graphics on this game are pretty good, and the 360-degree view is a nice change from the older role-playing games. Okay, I’ll admit it¿it’s a little bit scary, too.¿Daxter Lussier

Tokyo Xtreme Racer ZeroPlayStation 2/Crave EntertainmentWhen I got this game, I thought it looked pretty lame. It’s based on the new movie, The Fast And The Furious, which I never saw at the theater. I just laughed at it every time I saw previews for it on TV.After I set up a car and chose my racing music, I realized that it wasn’t as bad as I thought. You’re given dozens of cars to choose from, and as you win cash, you can fix it up. The game gives you a two-player versus mode, a quick race, a time attack, or a free run to choose from. Once you complete a race, you’re moved to another level where you can race your rivals.This is definitely different from most race games, so if you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up. It’s so choice.¿D.L.

Pong The Next LevelPlayStation/Atari/Hasbro InteractiveI can remember playing the original Pong on Atari back in the early 80s. I loved it then, and even after all these years, I still believe it was the best game ever made.Pong The Next Level is a lot different from its grandfather, but just as good. This game has numerous levels¿most are similar, but as you complete one, you move on to some really hard challenges. After you struggle with winning every level, you’re presented with the “reward” level. I don’t want to spoil the surprise so I won’t tell you about it, but trust me, you won’t be disappointed.It’s hard to find good games that can survive the test of time, and it’s even harder to find a game that became an instant babysitter and best friend to two generations of kids.¿D.L.

City CrisisPlayStation 2/Take2 InteractiveCity Crisis is a game dealing with helicopter rescues, fire fighting, and, best of all, aiding police in high-speed car chases throughout a fictitious city. As a player, you can do all of these things from your own helicopter.This game starts out a little slow¿the controls are pretty complicated and hard to get used to, but once you get it figured out, the game’s impossible to put down.During gameplay, you’re given one of five helicopters, each with a mission determining what you need to do. Sometimes you respond to a building fire, or someone calling for help from a rooftop. The longer you play, the more complex your missions are. To get points is simple: the more people you save, the more points you earn. Overall, City Crisis is definitely challenging and worth checking out.¿D.L.