10/90 Productions

From the people who brought you the best video release of last year, Camp Kill Yourself, comes a new feast of the most hilarious, most entertaining, most f¿ked up video ever seen. Titled CKY2K is full of pranks, stunts, craziness, and some just plain psycho shit. Take, for example, one guy is sleeping and our hero Brandon Dicamillo shits into a paper towel and wakes his friend up by wiping it on his face and mouth. The friend gets up and proceeds to wake Brandon up by pissing on his face and in his mouth. There’s a lot of rental-car destruction, busy street-punting practice, many public crashes, loads of high-flying stunts, and of course, the king of all backyard stuntmen, Bam Margera. You could say that technically this is a skate video, and the skate footage is amazing, but the real deal is the amazing antics of the CKY crew. Great performances by Rake Yohn, Naked Dave, Ryan Dunn, Chris Raab, Arto Saari, Mike Maldonado, Kerry Getz, Art Webb 1986, Jenn Revell, Hoofbite, Jess Margera, and the Gill. Complete with an ass-kicking soundtrackfrom a Band called CAMP (formerly Camp Kill Yourself), this video is a must-have and gets my vote for video of the century¿C.C.

Classic Pick of the Month

Starting now, TransWorld SURF will be selecting a “classic” video pick each issue. This month’s classic is the groundbreaking Tweak Freaks. Released in the mid 90s, Tweak Freaks was the first video to completely cover the whole surf, skate, snow thing, and they pulled it off brilliantly. From Christian Fletcher’s gigantic airs, Kris Markovich absolutely destroying himself on a skateboard, to super good snowboarding and comedy by Shaun Palmer. Other highlights include the raddest Archy segment ever, all super-grommet footage of Chris Ward, Gavin Beschen, Troy Tech, a rock-ass soundtrack, and loads of girls. This is a complete video, and after all these years it is still modern and will still get you ready to go out into the world and hurt yourself. Call Astrodeck and ask how to get a copy. If you don’t own this classic masterpiece, you are a dork who needs a swirly¿C.C.

Lauvizion Productions
Directed by Shane Beschen

This independent film is a breath of fresh air. There’s loads of insane footage of all the boys in Hawai’i and a bunch of other destinations. Inspired is different from the rest of the surf movies out because it’s not in your face trying to mess with you. It just shows great surfers like Shane Beschen, Gavin Beschen, Cory Lopez, Kai Henry, Slater, and friends ripping all sorts of different waves. The best part of this video is the presentation¿chill music supporting cleanly edited parts with some good commentary from Cory and Shane, among others. Perfect for throwing on during an after-work chill sesh, or right before an early morning Pipe sesh. Check this indie release out, you’ll be living aloha.¿C.C.Contact:

F¿ked At Birth Productions

This video should not be played if your parents are home. If they walked in and saw the footage of some top pro surfers in jail, on fire, or in a pile of vomit¿they might not appreciate it. To the people who can appreciate people lighting themselves on fire, puking, or a heavy grindcore soundtrack¿this video is a must. Spotlighting mostly on the San Clemente mafia, F.A.B. is a thrill-ride through huge barrels, Mexican mayhem, large airs, human firework disasters, terribly brutal fist fights¿all kinds of wreckless behavior in and out of the water. I especially liked the house-party footage that takes the viewer into the decadent world of F.A.B. I think this video is rated R or NC-17, but who cares? If anything, it will teach kids that drinking is bad.¿C.C.

The Exploders
Chris Klopf Films

Airs, floaters, slashes¿these are a few things you will see in the new video by Chris Klopf. The Exploders shows Cory Lopez, Bruce Irons, Ratboyy, Kalani Robb, Troy Tecklenburg, Kai Henry, and a bunch of other guys exploding. Not like literally exploding, but surfing very explosively and making surfing look exiting. This video is rad because it will make you feel like you should be doing more airs instead of digging rail. There’s loads of new footage, and you,ll be very excited to surf after you watch this video. Look for The Exploders giveaway in the Word section of this very magazine¿C.C.