Relive all the scary wipeouts from the Puerto Escondido Challenge; video

Maui’s Kai Lenny won the 2017 Puerto Escondido Challenge yesterday with some comeback heroics in the dying minutes of the final. His last-minutes barrel gave him his first Big Wave Tour victory.

There was also plenty more action that Puerto Escondido provided throughout the event. Like wipeouts. Big ones. Really, really big ones.

There weren’t many worse than that highlight reel above throughout the event. While a few competitors had some scares, thankfully no one was seriously injured.

It just goes to remind us normal surfers of the sheer terror one will encounter while surfing the Mexican Pipeline. And the fact that a closeout set provides no channel to get away from it, because it’s a beachbreak. Count us out, and leave Puerto Escondido to the professionals who conquered it yesterday.

One of the worst wipeouts from the 2017 Puerto Escondido Challenge.

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