Big Dumb Face
Duke Lion Fights the Terror
Geffen Records
Wes Borland plays guitar for Limp Dickzit, but he thinks they suck. His real band is called Big Dumb Face, and it’s the complete opposite of Bizkit. It’s like fun death metal, space-travel robot pop, white-trash mock rap, or epic battle grunge with Ween-esque poetry.

With lyrics like, “Here comes the burning blood redhead on fire/ As laser beams shoot from the eyes of the choir/ It doesn’t need a body ’cause it flies through the air/ It’s blood redhead on fire and it doesn’t care,” who needs Bizkit? See what we mean? This guy’s warped for real, but he’s cool. So go buy this wacked-out shit. If you like Ween, you’ll like Big Dumb Face.-C.C.

Battle Axe Warriors Compilation
Battle Axe Records
This is a bona-fide rough, rugged, and raw hip-hop mix brought to you by Vancouver, B.C., Canada’s finest, the Swollen Members. With some crazy production by Mad Child and Nucleus, you’ll find good beats and twisting lyricals from these underground soon-to-be legends. LMNO, Prevail, Buc Fifty, Mr. Brady, Moka Only, and Mad Child are definitely holdin’ shit down on this one.-A.S.Check their Web site for music at

Alien Ant Farm
Unusual name for a band, huh? I think Alien Ant Fart sounds a little catchier. I’ve always wanted an ant farm, but my dad wouldn’t let me have one because he once caught me putting earthworms in my underwear.I liked a couple of their songs-that says a lot, huh? I mean, who in the hell am I to say what’s cool and what’s not? I’m just another world-renowned critic.To tell you the truth, it’s hard dealing with fame. Just last week I built a kite, flew it around, and someone shot holes in it. Then the same person took pictures of me crying and blew them up all over the tabloids, calling me a “Twenty-first Century Sensitive Male” and a “pussy.” I can’t deal with this shit.-J.M.

Operator: Generator
Polar Fleet
Man’s Ruin Records
All right! Here’s another masterpiece of heaviness from the fine folks over at Man’s Ruin. Operator: Generator features Thomas Choi, one of the original guitarists for San Jose, California’s first sludge-metal band, Asbestos Death (which, incidentally, was renamed Sleep a few years later). He played alongside fellow guitarist Matt Pike (formerly Sleep, now singer/guitarist for High On Fire), and they forged out music like no one’s ever heard before-well, except for all the original Sabbath albums with Ozzy. If you like Sabbathy-sounding rock, do the right thing and get this now.-A.S.

Mastered The Art
Ubiquity Records
Other than restaurants closing at 8:30 p.m., the alarmist local TV news, real-estate prices that border on criminal, and a complete lack of girls who find me attractive, the worst thing about living in San Diego, California is having to listen to self-proclaimed rockers whine about how hip-hop isn’t real music: “They just play a record and talk over it-it all sounds the same”-blah, blah, blah. But the truth is, only a few bands in any particular genre (e.g., rap, rock, country, classical, death metal, etc.) ever contribute anything original to the ever-expanding mass of music. The rest are simply regurgitators.DJ Greyboy is one of the few. He was an innovator in the acid-jazz scene, the first DJ in the U.S. to incorporate jazz and hip-hop, and on May 22, he’s releasing a new album entitled Mastered The Art that somehow manages not to sound anything like the ocean of homogenized regurgitation that is music today.-Joel

Thug Murder
The 13th Round
TKO Records
These three little Japanese punk-rock chicks want to punch you in the face. Thug Murder is an ass-kicking punk-rock fiesta of one-two drumbeats and machine-gun guitars. I think they listen to a lot of The Ramones or Drop Kick Murphys, because they take the same approach to punk-no-holds-barred, you’re-gonna-get-punched type of shit. I’ll bet they’re rrad live because the music is just so unexpected.-C.C.

All Natural
Second Nature
Thrill Jockey Records
Indie hip-hop is a great thing. That shit they play on the radio is all the same gangsta slang we’ve all heard before. This record’s just good rhymes and good beats-no “bleep-outs” or cameos by Dre, just straightforward rhymes, raps, and scratches. This is the type of shit you’d hear in a good skate video over some ghetto-dude’s part. It’s worth checking out if you’re sick of Slim and Snoop. If you like Wu, you’ll like All Natural.-C.C.

Maverick Records
Wow! Cool name for a band. How could you name a band that? I mean, what are they trying to tell us? They sound like what you’d expect them to sound like. Turning off my CD player after about twenty seconds of Unloco airtime seemed like the most logical thing to do. To me, they sound like a band called Unloco. I just want to tell them that they may need to change their name, because they’re going to get some bad press. There’re over 900-million words, and they picked that one. It’s a shame, really.-J.M.

Bardo Pond
Matador Records
You should have this album because you have nothing like it in you record collection right now. It’s like a mix of Cat Power and Mogwai-some really eerie female vocals melting over distant wailing guitars and steady drums. It’s kind of warm, fuzz-filled drone rock that brings you to the top of some erotic roller coaster that just keeps going up. It’s definitely mood music-good for driving to, or for painting pictures of stormy oceans with the sun just starting to break through the clouds.-C.C.

Four Letter Words
Kung Fu Records
When I first heard Antifreeze’s newest release, Four Letter Words, the only four-letter words that came to mind were dung, turd, crap, poop, and shit. The songs were generic, or what I like to call “girl punk.” They’re basically a posse of wussies whining about their beat, punk chicks. Here’s an example from song number three, titled “Question”: “If my car wasn’t broke down/ I’d take you for a ride/ I’d swim across Lake Michigan/ If you were on the other side.” The band then takes its girliness further by scattering the cover with candy hearts and a big, stupid, flaming heart. I think Ray Charles could’ve created a better cover, and more importantly, some better music. How about these four-letter words: Don’t peep this shit!-Ryan Kates

Rock Action
Matador Records
This band will make you cry with one open note. They’ve been putting out the most amazing, quiet-to-loud, symphonic, heart-wrenching, serious, artsy, new, ass-kicking, beautiful music heard on Earth since the tectonic plates split and continents were born. This new record will emit sounds from your stereo that’ll travel directly into your brain and make a beeline for your heart, breaking it, and then putting it back together again. Do yourself a huge favor, go get this now. Not later, now! If you like Slint or Radiohead, you’ll like Mogwai.-C.C.

Hanging From The Devils Tree
Various Artists
Yourflesh Records
This compilation was voted best compilation of the year by me, so just trust me and go get it, or order it off the Internet. If rippin’ Chicago rock is your bag, then you’ll be in hog heaven on this one. Lifter Puller, Turbonegro, Goatsnake, Electric Airlines, Cobra Verde, Supersuckers, and a special acoustic Thurston Moore track, among others, will make you glue your head to the speakers and walk around your room like you’re wearing a giant Walkman. This comp kicks ass, hard.-C.C