Built To Spill
Ancient Melodies Of The Future
Warner Bros. Records

There are seriously no more honest bands out there. It seems every so-called “band” these days is more concerned about a target market for capitalization rather than the sheer love and passion of simply making music for everyone to enjoy. It’s a rare trait in muscians today, so when you hear honest music you’ll know and be instantly hooked (unless you’re a MTV drone who can’t wait to follow the newest trends).

Built To Spill plays genuine tunes that seep into your heart and tug your inner core toward something that has meaning. The group’s from Boise, Idaho-a galaxy far, far away from the subhuman plastic rat race of Southern California, namely Los Angeles.

“Never have I seen a more retchid hive of scum and villainy,” said Obi Won Kanobi in Star Wars when he and Luke Skywalker were about to enter the corrupt city of Mos Eisley on the desert planet of Tatooine. That statement pretty much describes most commercial bands and the industry that follows.

Built To Spill’s lead singer and guitarist Doug Martsch is a purist, and his lyrics hit home so hard, sometimes you have to remind yourself that you don’t know Doug personally. He writes most of the lyrics himself, but he’s had a little help from his friends on past endeavors.

For most groups, switching over from a independent label to a major label can be quite a task. Most musicians tend to crumble under the pressure of production deadlines, extensive touring, promo gigs, etc. “It doesn’t change the way we do things,” stated Doug. “If anything, it’s less stressful for us because of the abundance of money.” Built To Spill has the fortunate luxury to create in an open, free-minded-thinking environment, and it definitely shows in the music they produce.

Ancient Melodies For The Future is the band’s newest release and is a testimony to time, passion, and musical craftsmanship. When asked if Built To Spill has found it’s nichÇ in the music world, Doug could only reply, “Not really. Whatever happens, happens. As long as we keep working, it’s fine with me.”-A.S.

Zeni Geva
10,000 Light Years
Neurot Recordings
F-king heavy! That’s what can be said about Zeni Geva. If you’re a fan of the Melvins or Shellac, you’re sure to be a fan Of Zeni Geva. This new album is engineered by super-producer Steve Albini and it’s a chainsaw of guitar action cutting through your skull. Now that you know what Zeni Geva album is all about, go pick it up at a record store. Do you want to rock hard and feel good? I thought so.-C.C.

Black Market Music
Virgin Records
This new Placebo disc features fourteen high-intensity future-rock jams that you’ll simply treasure. The singer’s voice may be shocking at first, but like all new sounds, you’ll get used to it and be loving it. Placebo is huge in Europe, and the group should be huge in America because it flat-out rips. The band sings songs about drugs, the future, blood, and all kinds of other poetic stuff. Song thirteen guest-stars David Bowie and is awe-inspiring. There’s also a Depeche Mode cover of “I Feel You”-this song also f-king rips. If you enjoy Blur, Radiohead, or Supergrass, you’ll thoroughly enjoy Placebo. It’s a very different rock band than you’re used to, so go buy this new disc-C.C.

Moka Only
Lime Green
Battle Axe Records
From the shivery confines of the Great White North comes Moka Only of the Battle Axe warrior clan. He severs the heads of the mighty and topples the greatest walls to overcome his challenges with ease. Stay tuned to the world of underground hip-hop and discover the legend of a lime-green Moka Only in a land of nonbelievers. Realize your destiny and seek out the truth.-A.S.

Film School
Brilliant Career
Metoo! Records
Here’s another band you may just want to add to your collection. Film School is quiet-to-loud indie flow rock, comprised ofome ex-members of Pavement and F-k. With very nice music that hints at bands like Mogwai and My Bloody Valentine, the group plays the kind of rock that makes you want to just keep driving past wherever you’re going because you don’t want the CD to end. Go buy Film School at your local independent music store, and don’t be a turkey.-C.C.

The Go-Go’s
God Bless The Go-Go’s
Uni/Beyond Records
The girls in the Go-Go’s are back with a heart-stopping CD. It soothes your mind and crawls into bed with you. It’ll wake you up at two in the morning urging you to put on your boogie shoes and start dancing. All muscle control’s gone when these songs are on-you can’t help but freak yourself in the bathroom mirror because you’ve never looked better. This is new-age, post-modern salsa, electric-panty dance, neo-ballroom smash. Basically, it’s a sexual sandwich with a side of ranch. Put it on and feel it, then take it off and get down to party town.-J.M.

The Melvins
Man’s Ruin Records
The Melvins lead singer/guitarist King Buzzo has huge hair. I bet he places things in there for safekeeping and then forgets about them. He probably puts a lot of knickknack trinket-type shit in his fuzzed-out locks. Months later, he’ll discover a lump on the top of his head. Looking surprised, he’ll pull out that special item he’d previously stored away. It’s his weird little “hideout” compartment he likes to store family heirlooms in.-A.S.

The Latest
Hefty Records
Here’s an avant-garde trip-out CD that demands some attention. With waterfalls of bleeps, beeps, and wheeoowws, it sounds like a trancey robot DJ with Tourette’s syndrome. This disc is all instrumental with some crazy changes, loops, and stops. The Latest really burrows itself into your brain, often massaging it and clicking the button that controls the neck, causing the head to bob. Need a little change in your brain waves? Get Slicker, it’ll mess you up.-C.C.

Music From Baz Luhrmann’s Film, Moulin Rouge
Interscope Records
Moulin Rouge is a movie about a strip club. The plot’s about this hot girl singer (Nicole Kidman) there and her love affair with a poet (Ewan McGregor). The soundtrack’s amazing; it features never-heard-before tracks by Beck, Lil’ Kim, Mya, Christina Aguilera, Fatboy Slim and some great vocal performances by Ewan and Nicole.

It’s not often that the stars themselves can actually sing, but Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman do an absolutely fabulous job on this soundtrack. Other features are a crazy-good version of The Police’s “Roxanne” and a Massive Attack “Nature Boy” remix featuring David Bowie. I don’t know if the movie’s good or not, but the soundtrack is (if you like this kind of grandiose pageantry). If you like orchestral pop or fantastic Hollywood scores-get this disc, you silly little fruit bat.-C.C

Domain Of Death
Relapse Records
The two-man splatter-core grinders are back and ready to shatter your skull plate into a thousand bloody particles. This new album from the reigning kings of machine-gun drum-machine annihilation is their strongest noise yet. With songs like “The Hatchet Murders,” “Maimed And Mutilated,” and “Bonecrusher,” what we have here, my fine friends, is classic horror-movie-sampled gore grind in its finest and bloodiest form.-A.S.

Leaves Turn Inside You
Kill Rock Stars
If you’ve never heard Unwound, please open your eyes and get ready to go to the music store. This new release from one of the greatest indie bands ever is absolutely mind-blowing-the music is nothing short of beautiful and mesmerizing.If you’re a fan of Modest Mouse, Blonde Redhead, or Fugazi, you’ll fall in love with this new double-set treasure trove of excellence. The drummer for Unwound’s no doubt the greatest female drummer ever, and the two male guitar twiddlers are genuises with voices of gold. Please, please go get this new disc. It’ll earn a place on your all-time-favorite indie-rock wall of fame.-C.C.

a place on your all-time-favorite indie-rock wall of fame.-C.C.