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RemixThe WipeoutersP’ Twaaang!!!Casual Tonalities

Before there was West Coast surf music, there was Lake Erie’s surf-rock sensations, The Wipeouters. The Wipeouters developed their own “North Coast surf sound” with help from accidental government nuclear testing that coated the band members’ hometown with radioactive dust. Around the same time the Wipeouters was hitting its stride, the band players spun off in a different direction and formed a hardly known band called Devo.Well, after a few years of small releases the members once again disbanded and lost touch. It was only by chance in 2001 that the former members of The Wipeouters found each other once again in Hollywood, California and the magic returned. This is the new The Wipeouters album, and it’s a surf-rock gem of epic proportion. Don’t miss out on the best party of the year-go get the Wipeouters disc now, you goons.-C.C. RadioheadAmnesiacCapitol RecordsYes, children of the computer age, your messiahs have come through once again to pour computerized emotions into your ears by way of electro love music. Amnesiac is the follow-up to Radiohead’s often misunderstood album, Kid A. The new album has a bit more direction-complete compositions as opposed to bleeps and blips. All Radiohead albums are good, but Amnesiac is great. This is an album that takes your brain out and fiddles with it. At times the music is beautiful, yet sometimes it’s confusing. All the other moments are utter perfection. Song six is a gem. Don’t fool around-go get Amnesiac, and lock yourself in your room.-C.C.Check out Radiohead’s stunning Web site at Pep LoveAscensionHiero Imperium RecordsYou may have heard of Pep Love, but if you haven’t, here’s the 411 on Pep: A truly gifted poet with uncanny rhyming ability, Pep was first introduced to the hip-hop world through Del Tha Funkee Homosapien and his crew, the Hieroglyphics. He guest appeared on many Hiero joints including Del’s classic album No Need For Alarm and the Souls Of Mischief’s ’93 ‘Til Infinity. Pep also teamed up with Jay Biz in their hip-hop crew called The Prose. This new stuff from Pep is some smooth-as-molasses-type shit, so check it out, kids.-A.S. Frank Black And The CatholicsDog In The SandWhat Are Records?This is flat-out one of the best rock records to pass through my ear canal into my brain in years. Frank Black is a legendary songwriter-every song on this disc proves that. All the songs stand on their own, and each one has its own sound that weaves and curves around your eardrums. This is one of those rare discs that stays in your car or Discman for weeks on end-every time you try to change it, you have to hear the next song, and it stays in indefinitely. To the fans of the Pixies or Western-twanged indie rock: you can go get this disc now, or you can be a pile and miss out on some good shit.-C.C.Cannibal OxThe Cold VeinDef Jux RecordingsEl-P from Company Flow is on a major come-up (production-wise). The dude’s amazingly multifaceted-he did a serious number on Cannibal Ox’s newest release entitled The Cold Vein. And cold it is-this piece is straight chillin’. The Ox might even have a track on TransWorld SURF’s new video game due to drop this fall. Who knows? Keep your eyes and ears peeled, kids. No sleepers out there, a’ight? Ya’ll need to wake up already. There’s good shit out there to listen to, and this is a fine example. Educate your mind!-A.S.JunoA Future Lived In Past TenseDeSoto RecordsHere’s some indie rock for those of you who like your rock meaningful and driving. This new disc has song after song of indie gold. Its sound is reminiscent of Braid with a dash of Sunny Day Real Estate, but with the band’s own form of forceful rocking along with clear, interesting lyrics thrown in. Juno is a good band to bridge the gap between pop and indie, because it’s clear that most anyone could rock to this CD. This band features members of the Foo Fighters and Death Cab For Cutie. If you like those groups, yoll most likely learn to love Juno.-C.C.Air10,000hz LegendAstralwerksFrench music is cool. The band Air is comprised of two guys with fancy keyboards, computers, and guitars. They’re two guys who make music that you’ve never heard before, so why don’t you do yourself a favor and listen to them? 10,000hz Legend is like a happier version of Radiohead’s Kid A. Air is good-breathe it in, and let it out. Open up your ears and lungs for Air.-C.C. Saves The DayStay What You AreVagrant RecordsThis is a pop-punk band that you may just take a liking to. Saves The Day plays poppy punk but also infuses a good dose of emotion to create an emo-pop-punk sound. Fans of Jimmy Eat World or The Promise Ring will be nodding their heads and tearing at the eyes when they rock this jam. Saves The Day makes a good Fisher-Price “My First Emo Album.” The first song sounds almost ska-ish, which may piss some people off, but just give it a chance. You may enjoy the rest of this disc.-C.C.Sigur Ros_g_tis byrjunFat Cat/MCA RecordsSimply stated, this is beautiful music. I think Sigur Ros is a foreign band from outer space. It plays a new brand of emo beauty that’ll swirl in your brain for hours. They don’t really sing in English, but who cares? English is overrated. All the songs on this album are tapestries of splendid guitars and flowing bass contoured with violins and spaceship sounds. If you’re a fan of My Bloody Valentine or Mogwai, you’ll like Sigur Ros. You’ve never heard music like this before, so why not try it out? This is perfect music for bedtime or hook-up time with your special someone. Have fun and relax with Sigur Ros.-C.C.MissionOneInsidious Urban RecordsIf you want some hip-hop that follows the same code of ethics as A Tribe Called Quest, Slum Village, or De La Soul, then the group Mission from Boston, Massachusetts is what you’re looking for. Quality sound comes to mind when I think of Mission. The two MCs Raashan Ahmad and Moe Pope are rhyming for real on this release and are accompanied by live instruments (bass, percussion, and keyboards) as well. Their message is pure and simple-“You’re keepin’ it real when you should try keepin’ it right.” I think Posdonous from De La originally said that. It’s what this album is all about-no nonsense, just honest beats and lyrics comin’ at you from the underground. Please buy their album so their children can eat.-A.S. Paul McCartney and WingsWingspanCapital RecordsPaul McCartney almost doesn’t seem human anymore. Not only was he a member of the Beatles, but he was the only Beatle to have a career after the Beatles broke up that consisted of more than abstract performance art or being a spokesman for a prepaid telephone service. When the Beatles officially ended in 1970, Paul started a band called Paul McCartney and Wings, which consisted of Paul, his wife Linda, and a rotating cast of ’70s musicians who don’t really matter-Paul was in the band after all.Wings weren’t the Beatles, but that’s not a fair comparison-what the Beatles accomplished will never be duplicated. But what’s great about his decade with Wings is that Paul wasn’t trying to be the Beatles. In fact, when Wings began, people would boo Paul when he refused to play old Beatles songs. By 1980, the year Wings ended, throngs of children of the 1970s knew Wings hits better than the Beatles hits of a decade and a half before. When you listen through this two-disk compilation of Wings’ hits and history, you’ll be surprised how many songs you know by heart. It’s kind of scary.Paul’s wife Linda recently died. She was pretty damn cool. She survived the Beatles and a million tabloid stories about her husband, she sang and played music on dozens of songs that became triple platinum, and she championed human rights at a level most celebrities have no concept of. So Paul released Wingspan in her memory, and now he’s dating this hot, young dark-haired girl who’s always on TV talking about removing land mines from third-world countries.Paul’s my hero.-J.P.ries.Paul’s my hero.-J.P.