Funk-driven hip-hop is back! This is another damn fine piece of work from the Outkast crew. Dre and Big Boi are back into it, and this new release is tighter than Big Boi’s gold chain around his neck. Most of the songs are fresh with “B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad),” being the crowd favorite. You might’ve seen the video for “B.O.B.” on DirectEffect on MTV¿it’s very entertaining, just like Outkast’s music. This shit is fast, beat-heavy, and is here to put the stank on you.¿A.S.

Various ArtistsVelvet Goldmine SoundtrackLondon/Innerstate

Are you a sucker for post-punk British glam-rock? I am too, and I get more than my fair share on this brilliant motion-picture soundtrack. The two bands created just for this movie shine gloriously. One is Venus In Furs with Thom Yorke from Radiohead on vocals. Their songs are like long-lost Radiohead songs glammed up a bit¿breathtaking. The other is Wilde Rattz with none other than Ewan McGregor on vocals¿suprisingly awesome. Also featured on this superb CD: Brian Eno, Placebo, Shudder To Think, and Lou Reed. Go get this CD, you little glam rockers.¿C.C.

GoatsnakeFlower Of DiseaseMan’s Ruin Records

Man’s Ruin records has recently been a major outlet for a slew of heavy bands emerging out of the Los Angeles music scene all the way up to San Francisco, California where the label is based. Pretty much every band on this label kicks ass. If you like Nebula, Queens Of The Stone Age, or any kind of rock that’s heavy, you should pick up Goatsnake’s new album, or anything on Man’s Ruin for that matter.¿A.S.

PinbackSome VoicesTree/Southern

You’ll never understand this band on paper. You have to just go buy the CD and enjoy this futuristic San Diego indie-rock fusion. This band is like nothing you’ve heard before (unless you’ve previously enjoyed Three Mile Pilot and Heavy Vegetable). Do yourself a favor and go buy this album at your local independent record store, not a chain store.¿C.C.

EuclidThe Wind Blew All The Fires OutSecond Nature Recordings

Euclid plays emotional, heavy, driving indie-rock that sounds similiar to Fugazi. This East Coast trio has a particular sound that takes more than one listen to get used to. There’re eleven songs on this album, and some of them are pretty damn good. Calling it emo-core would be the best way to describe Euclid. I got this CD for free, but I probably would have gone out to buy it.¿A.S.

Jimmy Eat World All AgesBig Wheel Recordings

Rare and unreleased Jimmy Eat World songs are always gonna be good. If you’re a fan of Jimmy Eat World, then you’ll most likely want to go get this new release from their indie label Big Wheel Recordings. After Jimmy’s success in Hollywood with “Lucky Denver Mints,” they’ve been on tour and breaking hearts. This is some serious emo-rock history, so comb your hair forward, put your hands in your pockets, and nod your head.¿C.C.

Talib Kweli & Hi-TekReflection Eternal Rawkus Records

Talib Kweli, the man who broke out from the underground hip-hop scene with Mos Def and the Blackstar project, is back with a dope solo effort. This album has been long awaited, and it comes through like a champ. There’re twenty tracks of mastered complex rhymes and some verses that punch your cranium with thought-provoking political awareness. Mos Def appears on the track “This Means You,” and it’s one of the album’s highlights, most definitely. Go out and get this, it’s worth it’s weight in gold.¿A.S.

The Rock-A-TeensSweet Bird of YouthMerge Records

The Rock-A-Teens are a new form of rockabilly-blues-southern-country-rock-and-soul. Their bittersweet melodies tug at your heart and talk to your soul. Singer Chris Lopez is a modern-day legend. All these guys are legends. This music belongs in those old Hollywood movies, when movies actually meant something. Those were the days when a man could kiss a woman without people ogling. Out of all of their previous releases, you should go get this disc first.¿C.C

MicranotsObelisk MovementsSubVerse Music

For this review, I’ll let the album speak for itself with an excerpt from its linear notes:”The inverted Obelisk is symbolic of the turntable needle that lies between the grooves of vinyl on the record. As the table turns, the needle vibrates in accordance with the grooves, thus it ‘moves.’

“In other words, Obelisk movements are sound vibrations. When the vinyl hits the obelisk, the essence of hip-hop is most fully represented.”¿A.S.

RadioheadKid ACapitol Records

By now you’ve most likely heard some tracks on this new album from one of the best bands in the world, Radiohead. If you have, then you’ll notice that this album is very computer-driven and full of sorrow. Kid A is Radiohead’s new CD that’ll whip your brain into a spinout. Am I talking to myself? Are you listening? What am I saying? Go buy the new Radiohead.¿C.C.

EyehategodConfederacy Of Ruined LivesCentury Media

Contamination ingested into the bowels of music, that’s what this is. In recent years, New Orleans, Louisiana has produced some heavy-ass music¿bands like the death-metal outfit Paralysis, and fellow sludge-grind cohorts Soilent Green, and obviously Eyehategod (or I wouldn’t have referred to New Orleans). Eyehategod guitarist Brian Patton also plays guitar in Soilent Green, so there’s a similiar sound, but Eyehategod’s sound is way sludgier than Soilent’s. Thank god some rockers start side bands so there’s more good music to listen to.

It’s too late. Eyehategod has already infected the music scene. Expect drying vocality, ear-splitting drumming, and deathly ill guitar work as symptoms.¿A.S.