The Von BondiesLack Of CommunicationSympathy For The Record IndustryThis rocking four-piece kicked the Casbah (a cool indie nightclub in downtown San Diego) crowd’s face off on the night of July 18, 2001 while supporting fellow Detroit, Michigan rock visionaries The White Stripes.The Von Bondies consists of two guys and two female vixens. Bass-player Carrie Smith is the innocent, girl-next-door type while guitar wizard Marcie Bolden is the sultry one¿a real “bad” girl. Their stage presence is jaw-dropping, and one moment Marcie’s icy stare could stop a runaway freight train dead in its tracks. Singer/guitarist Jason Stollsteimer has a deep rock-and-roll soul that shines heavily while complementing Don Blum’s amazingly tight drumming.Be on the lookout for The Von Bondies’ new album, Lack Of Communication, available on Sympathy For The Record Industry.File under: The White Stripes, The Go, MC5, and The Stooges.¿C.C.

Extra Interview With The Von Bondies leads singer,Jason Stollsteimer By Saba Haider

How long have The Von Bondies been together?Jason: A year ago from when we were on tour, so last July. Our first show was in July of 2000. We’re formed from ex-members of The Baby Killers.

I understand you swam in the ocean for the first time in your life when you just visited San Diego on tour. Describe the experience. What did you think?I ran in¿the ocean was thick with bacteria red tide. The people who I was with were from San Diego, and they told me not to go in.

How important is surfing to your personal sense of nirvana? I guess it’d be if I’d ever done it. I’ve never gone surfing. The closest thing I’ve ever done to surfing is watching Surf Nazis Must Die.

The White StripesWhite Blood CellsSympathy For The Record IndustryThe White Stripes is not from this time period or even from this world. I’ve heard the band described as the Velvet Underground of our time, or as the blues-rock saviors who are here to rescue us from the usual terrible shit playing on the radio. The group’s comprised of the brother/sister duo of Jack White on guitar and vocals, and the beautiful Meg White on drum-bashing duties. The White Stripes is raw blues rock¿Jack has a voice reminiscent of Robert Plant from the Led Zeppelin era.If all these reasons aren’t enough to love The White Stripes, you’ll also be happy to know that the smart, handsome, and hip guys at TransWorld SKATEboarding are also big fans of The White Stripes, so the group must be pretty cool. Add a little bit of rock and roll soul to your collection, and turn your friends on to a couple of ass-rocking siblings known as The White Stripes. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on the new White Stripes CD, White Blood Cells. ¿C.C.

Kardinal OffishallQuest For Life: Firestarter Volume OneMCA RecordsDamnz. What can I say about this cat? Maybe I should say he’s one of the illest MCs I’ve heard in a long while. I just read in his press release that he’s been rhyming since he was ten years old¿it sure does sound like it, too. Kardinal’s got some crazy-ass flow like he’s been spitting word dynamics for many a sun cycle. If you want to get up on a fresher tip with your hip-hop, check out Kards. Easy.¿A.S.

Radio BirdmanThe Essential 1974¿1978Sub PopHere’re 22 raw, ass-kicking rock ‘n’ roll songs that’ll kick your face in half. Radio Birdman was formed in Australia in 1974, and the band’s albums were only released down under. We first heard Radio Birdman blasting during Matt Mumford’s video part in the Zero Skateboards video, The Thrill Of It All. It used to be impossible to find a Radio Birdman CD¿until now. These guys have a Detroit Rock City sound that’s intermixed with some hard-assed surf rock. If you want to rock, and you’re not afraid to throw on some tight pants and a leather jacket, go get Radio Birdman. It’ll mess you up, big-time.¿C.C.

OwlsOwlsJade TreeThis is another form of music from the membe of the art/mod/indie band, Joan Of Arc. Lead-singer Tim Kinsella has a dynamic and one-of-a-kind voice that spins and twirls around your brain. The music backing Tim up is a crazy mix of Tortoise and Joan Of Arc, with some heavy rock parts thrown in that’ll keep you guessing. If you like Joan Of Arc but think the band’s a little too artsy, then Owls is the band for you. Turn off the radio and go buy some indie jams that are gonna trip you out. It’ll make you feel cooler than the kids who like Linkin Park.¿C.C.

The Murder City DevilsThelemaSub PopThe newest release from The Murder City Devils will murder you. The group’s brand of eerie, dark, organ-filled, bitter-ballad, hard-rocking, atmospheric, storytelling rock music will pull at your heart while breaking your head in two pieces. The Murder City Devils is in a league of its own, with a rock style reminiscent of The Stooges, Black Flag, and vintage Social Distortion, but with a wailing, evil organ in the background. The singer has a raspy voice that cuts deep¿the guitars, drums, and bass are all just as powerful. If you think you’re ready for some real badass old-school rock, get the Murder City Devils’ new release and find your dark side.¿C.C.

The Dropscience Experimenting With ContrastHappy Couples Never Last RecordsThe Dropscience plays a rare brand of dark indie rock in the vein of June Of 44 or Unwound. These guys have some seriously f¿king weird but awesome songs that’ll invade the far corners of your brain. I think they’re from San Diego, but they could just as easily be from San Francisco. The singing wraps around between two (or three) guys with varying tones from high to low¿kind of like Fugazi. Overall, this is a CD that’ll make you think. If you listen to it while driving long-distance, time will fly by, and you’ll get over the river and through the woods that much faster.¿C.C.

Jimmy Eat WorldBleed AmericanDreamworksThis is a much-hyped new release from the ass kicking, tear-jerking, major-label-dissed-then-revived best band you may have not heard. Jimmy Eat World plays a unique blend of emotional and poppy punk-rock that’s never been duplicated or even closely emulated by any other band to date.Their new album on Dreamworks Records is self-made and meticulously engineered for a clean, powerful sound that’ll no doubt hold a tight grip on your ears and your heart. I’ve known more than one happy couple to fall in love when they listened to CDs of Jimmy Eat World. Now, you too can be one of the lucky ones. The first song on this disc is already in heavy rotation on smarter radio stations everywhere, so look out for Jimmy to explode. If you’re a fan of bands ranging from Blink 182 to Sunny Day Real Estate, you’ve already heard of Jimmy, so just go get the f¿king album already.¿C.C.

KillarmyFear, Love, And WarLoud RecordsThe rough, rugged, and raw soldiers of the Wu infantry are back with another seek and destroy operative that’ll smash your bones into fine, white, dust-like powder. These dudes are pissed, so if you can’t hang with the big boys, you should break the f¿k out and go back home to your moms. This shit is no joke, kids.The Killarmy rappers are 9th Prince, Killa Sin, P.R. Terrorist, Beretta 9, ShoGun Assason, and Islord. They represent militant hip-hop in the form of Wu-like beats¿think Sunz Of Man. In the words of the 9th Prince: “In us we trust. We come with the New Wu order, attackin’ the wilderness like a virus¿for which there is no immunity.”¿A.S.

HellspawnLords Of EternityHellspawn RecordsThe name Hellspawn should describe what the band sounds like. I don’t even have to explain myself, but what the heck? Might as well. It sounds nothing like anything that’ll make you happy unless you enjoy sounds similar to a falling skyscraper about to land on a crowd of screaming people. I suppose the band members are pretty tough, being that they shot all their album photos in a graveyard. They’re very equipped with the appropriate satanic paraphernalia: pentagram T-shirts, black clothes, and upside down crosses. The last song is called “Realm Of The Black Angels.” The title’s meant to be scary and evil, and I tell you¿it just might be.¿J.M. album photos in a graveyard. They’re very equipped with the appropriate satanic paraphernalia: pentagram T-shirts, black clothes, and upside down crosses. The last song is called “Realm Of The Black Angels.” The title’s meant to be scary and evil, and I tell you¿it just might be.¿J.M.