Remote Coverage – O’Neill Coldwater Classic Day One

The R.V.’s March Into Town

Day one of the O’Neill Coldwater Classic in Santa Cruz provided some less than desirable conditions. At best, the waveswere waist high and not very consistent, however the weather was beautiful. It’s amazing to see the snow in the nearbymountains-a very rare thing. Apparently the snow level got down to 500 feet a couple days ago, so there was also snow alongHighway 101 the entire way up.

[IMAGE 1] Anyway, day one’s heats are usually filled with the younger guys in their first year trying to get better seeds fornext year. A common thing for a lot of companies to do for the Coldwater is to rent or use their own R.V. for the trip up fromSouthern California and maybe stop at some good spots on the way. Instead of paying for flights, rental cars, and hotel rooms,they have all their team riders in one place.

Rip Curl teamed up with the Jones soda people and found themselves in the huge, bright yellow, Jones Soda mobile.Filled with food and Jones soda, the ’98 Newmar’s really comfortable, extremely hospitable, and gets eight miles to thegallon-or 220 dollars to get to Santa Cruz. Team riders along for the ride included the newly acquired Mike Klein, DaneReynolds, Matt Gilligan, Tommy O’Brien, Kekoa Bacalso, Gabe Kling, Rip Curl Team Managers Damea Dorsey and Chris Darrah, andthe lucky driver, Jordan Greer of Jones Soda.

[IMAGE 2] “It’s so everyone can be together, root for everyone-the support,” says Dorsey. “It’s easier for those guys just tojump on board and not worry about anything. We got hotel rooms to clean them up so they’re at least presentable-it’s a lot offun. Everyone gets to hang out together, bond, and feel more like a team. I get to get more feedback on the products so we cankeep improving it.”

“It’s great, I love it. It’s got food, T.V., a Playstation,” said Matt Gilligan. When asked if anyone had pissed himoff he jokingly said, “Gabe’s pissed me off pretty bad.”

[IMAGE 3] As always, if you put a bunch of males in a cage, foul things including hygiene are neglected. Darrah is known for hissmelly feet, Gilligan smelled the bathroom up, and there was “no comment” when the group was asked about ladies. Plans are ineffect to bottle Gilligan’s smell up as Eau de Matt.

Until tomorrow. AC