Remote Coverage – O’Neill Coldwater Classic Day Three

Shooting the shit with Adam Replogle

Ahhhh, day three of the Cold Water Classic again gave the competitors in the rounds of 128 and 96 a big ball ofcrap. The one- to two-foot sloppy, windy surf was very frustrating for everyone. Standouts today were Ross Williams andRoss Williams who ripped a set wave for a 9.73 with his new Ezekiel laminates on his board.

Although it didn’t rain and was actually kind of nice, there was a dark cloudbank waiting off the coast to ruineverybody’s weekend. Today was the last day before the storm so many still went North to shoot photos and weren’t verylucky. TransWorld Photographer Dave Nelson said he had an incredible crew of surfers, but got skunked when they startedwalking down the trail to shoot. Then to add insult to injury, it cleared up again when they were walking back. [IMAGE 1]

Oh well, today I caught up with another Santa Cruz super hero named Adam Replogle. A former CT competitor, Adam’sa very nice person with a very mean slash (for reference check his write up and photo in the Santa Cruz issue ofTransWorld SURF Volume 3#1). Widely respected by his peers, I got to spend a couple minutes with him. – AC

TWSURF ONLINE: How important is this contest for you? Is it something you look forward to and feel pressure when itfinally shows up?

Adam Repogle: You know, when there’s waves usually you don’t have so much pressure. There’s not that much pressurewhen there’s waves. Everybody can go out there and get their waves and not sit next to each other. When it’s small likethis, usually the pressure’s on cause you can go out there and not really catch a wave. There isn’t too many good rideablewaves today. Maybe a couple years ago as far as competing in front of a crowd it would have been a big deal, but it’s notthat big of a deal-it’s sort of worn off.

It was firing for a couple months here and then whenever it comes to the contest it seems all shitty?

It might be similar to Hawaii, if you’re over there in the winter. Usually when they put those contests on thecalendar it goes flat or goes really bad. The weather pattern just changed. I think Hawaii’s really bad right now too. Weget the same weather pattern as them a lot of the time and it’s just what’s out there.

Do you think you have the home field advantage when you come out here?

Not so much when it’s like this, maybe when there’s some waves. When it’s all stormy and big like it’s been thelast few years-that’s anybody’s game. Home field advantage for me, if it’s good, we just know where to sit basically.


Are you stoked to see all the good young surfers coming out of Santa Cruz?

We’re totally supportive of the young kids. I live on the other side of town at Pleasure Point and there’s ahandful of really good young surfers. Maybe in their late, early teens, in the future we’ll have some rippers. I know theWestside as well has got some really young kids.

In terms of your career, where do you see your niche right now in regards to your career? What are your plans?

Right now I have to take as many trips as I can with O’Neill and Santa Cruz Surfboards. We’re doing a bunch ofpromotions, stuff like that-working out with kids three days a week. Chris Gallagher and I do some working out with kidsthree times a week-that’s been a lot of fun occupying a lot of time at home. I was traveling for so many years that, nowkicking back at home, I find myself doing a lot of other things like golf and staying occupied with Santa CruzSurfboards-trying different things to see what else is what out there.[IMAGE 3]