Remote Coverage – O’Neill Coldwater Classic Day Two

Day two of the Cold Water Classic again started with beautiful, cold weather and shit waves. The Juniors heats began and were treatedto some small waves that got better as the day went on. It looks as though some swell’s starting to kick in, but with them is a new stormthat’s gonna rain on O’Neill’s parade again all weekend.

Junior shockers (losses) included Tim Reyes and Anthony Petruso who were victims of waveless heats. The Juniors quarters are set withBobby Martinez, Joel Centeio, Dylan Slater, Nate Yeomans, Kyle Knox, Mike Losness, Cam Powell, Mike Klein, Phillip Watters, Dane Johnson, MattKing, Tyler Fox, Sean Moody, Roy Powers, Kekoa Bacalso, and Dustin Barca all qualifying and creating stacked heats.

[IMAGE 2] A lot of surfers are taking advantage of early morning light to go shoot photos in other spots north of Santa Cruz with TransWorldSuper Photographer Dave Nelson-he’s in demand. Others, like the Juniors who don’t surf till Sunday, have three days to waste. Young lads KyleKnox, Eli Mirandon, and Mike Klein will be attending a play called The Vagina Monologues opening in town tonight-apparently a very serioustopic and something that may change their lives.

Anyway, today I got to spend some quality time with Bobby Martinez. One of America’s best young surfers, Bobby was well on his way toqualifying for the CT last year when a knee injury took him out. He’s nursed himself back to health and he’s ready for another chance thisyear. Until tomorrow.

[IMAGE 1] So what’s been going on this year?

Bobby Martinez: Nothing at all, actually. I’ve been at home, I went to Florida, Puerto Rico, and I’ve been home hanging out until thisevent and I’ve been up here for about two days now.

Are you gonna give it a good run for qualifying this year?

I think so, I hope so, I think-yeah. I’m gonna do most of the contests and see how it goes.

You started strong last year, what happened towards the end?

I tore cartilage in my knee and it took me a long time to go to a good doctor and I had to have arthroscopic surgery so I missed thewhole ending half of the season. Hopefully I’ll try this year and if not, next year.

[IMAGE 3] Do you ever feel any pressure?

No, not at all. I don’t know, everybody who I talk to never really puts any pressure on me to do anything. It’s always pretty mellow.I put more pressure on myself than anybody cause I want to it more than they want me to do it.

Do you appreciate the fact you get to just travel around and surf?

Yeah, it’s crazy. I’m real happy I guess, I’m not complaining-I love it.

Is there anything you can tell me that no one knows about you?

I don’t know, there’s really nothing.

What about with the ladies?

The ladies, tell them I’m looking, I’m single, I’m ready-tell them something.

What kind of car you driving?

I got a truck.

Is it a big ol’ nice one?

Yeah, it’s black-it’s a Chevy. I don’t know-I like it.

How much time do you get to spend at home during the year?

This last year I spent a lot of time-maybe six months of the year at home. Usually I don’t spend that much. This year I’ll be spendingtwo or three months of the year at home. Last year I had a lot of time off because I had to take care of my knee-that was the main reason why.

You’re healthy now?

I think so.