Renowned Artist Robb Havassy To Design nvohk’s Limited Edition

Los Angeles – March 12, 2008 – Today, nvohk (pronounced ‘invoke’), thefirst community-managed, eco-friendly, surf-inspired clothing company,announces that renowned artist Robb Havassy will design nvohk’s limitededition co-founder t-shirt to be included as part of nvohk’s originalmembership package.

Robb Havassy is highly regarded for his brilliant use of color as wellas his eclectic mix of style, motion and inspirational subject matter.Havassy is also passionate about the environment and has used hiscreative talents to raise money and awareness for social andenvironmental organizations including Surfrider Foundation, Heal theBay, SurfAid and Boarding for Breast Cancer. His resume includes workwith action sports brands such as Reef, Hurley, Sector Nine and O’Neilland his collectors read like a “who’s who” in action sports andentertainment.

The limited edition nvohk co-founder t-shirt designed by Robb Havassywill be an exclusive offering to members as part of their first yearmembership package. The limited edition co-founder t-shirt will kick offnvohk’s artist t-shirt series, which will include a new artist designingan exclusive nvohk member t-shirt each year to be included as part ofnvohk’s annual member package.

“nvohk’s brand positioning is a blend of surf culture, contemporary art,music and eco-activism. Havassy’s artwork, style and support foreco-organizations is a natural compliment to nvohk’s brand positioning.We are excited to display artwork from Havassy on nvohk’s limitededition co-founder t-shirt and soon to be collectors piece,” saidBrendan T. Lynch, President of nvohk, inc.

nvohk combines the best of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding businessmodels to develop and launch a new lifestyle brand that blends socialresponsibility and financial performance. nvohk is the first lifestylebrand to give consumers meaningful managerial power.

“With close to 2,000 future members signed up to date, nvohk continuesto build momentum. We are excited to launch the brand and deliver onnvohk’s mission to shift power into the hands of our members,” said Mr.Lynch.

nvohk is recruiting 5,000+ members to contribute $50 a year to developand shape the nvohk brand. Membership will be capped at 40,000 members.Members will make major business decisions including logo design, webdesign, product design, advertising, etc. Members will also receive anexclusive member t-shirt, 35% of nvohk’s net profits in the form ofreward points that can be redeemed to purchase products, and 25% off allnvohk products. In addition, nvohk will donate 10% of net profits toenvironmental organizations selected by its members.

nvohk fills a critical gap in the lifestyle brand arena. nvohk willenable consumers to get involved and participate in businessdecision-making and environmental causes. It will provide consumers withan entertaining and sustainable platform for making a meaningful andpositive impact on the environment by putting members in the driver’sseat and allowing them to drive the nvohk brand to a profitable venturethat will contribute 10% of net profits to member selected environmentalcharities.

To learn more about nvohk or to become a member, please visit Project

About nvohk
nvohk (pronounced ‘invoke’) is the first community-managed,eco-friendly, surf-inspired clothing company. The Company is recruiting5,000+ members to contribute $50 a year to develop and shape the nvohkbrand. Membership will be capped at 40,000 members. The Company beganrecruiting members via on December 4, 2007.

Co-founded by Brendan T. Lynch and Sergio Salas, nvohk combines the bestof crowdsourcing and crowdfunding business models to develop and launcha new lifestyle brand that blends social responsibility and financialperformance.

The company is based in Los Angeles, California.

About Robb Havassy
If Matisse or Picasso had grown uup surfing, golfing and living inSouthern California, they may likely have turned out like Robb Havassy.

A former international fashion model for the likes of Ralph Lauren,Calvin Klein, Christian Dior and Armani, Havassy, a graduate of U.C.Irvine with a BA in psychology, began his formal painting career in 1996after receiving a beginner’s art kit as a 26th birthday present.Entirely self-taught, his first “traditional” painting was a smallsurfing portrait of Duke Kahanamoku for photographer and friend BruceWeber. Ten years and more than 1,000 paintings later, the success thatfollowed Havassy’s first little watercolor has been manifold, garneringhim both national and international acclaims. Havassy is highly regardedfor his brilliant use of color as well as his eclectic mix of style,motion and inspirational subject matter.

Aside from being a world-renowned “surf artist,” Havassy is highlyregarded for his sports portraits of the likes of Ben Hogan, TigerWoods, Kobe Bryant, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. Though, it is hisrefreshingly original depictions of women, landscapes, flowers, childrenand animals that have garnered him the most attention.

Havassy’s unique and inspired journey has been the subject of numerousarticles in a variety of publications from Artnews to Men’s Journal, theLos Angeles Times to just about every surf magazine in circulation. Hiswork has been commissioned and collected by many stalwarts of the surfand action sports industry, music and fashion moguls, publishing giantsand art lovers worldwide.

In the hand full of years since becoming an artist, Havassy has becomeincreasingly socially active, using his position to help createawareness and raise money for social and environmental organizationsincluding Surfrider Foundation, Heal the Bay, SurfAid and Boarding forBreast Cancer.

At present, Havassy enjoys full-time creative license, and lives stepsfrom the beach in Newport Beach, California.

To learn more about Robb Havassy and to see his artwork, please go to