Renowned Aussie Surfer Peter Drouyn Reveals Plan For Sex Change Operation

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Ex-World Champ Claims His Body Is Changing Itself

The former world surfing champion Peter Drouyn has revealed he is to become a woman.

The 58-year-old Australian sports idol claims his male hormones have been draining from his body for the past eight years.

Gold Coast-born Peter said: “It hasn’t been intentional. It’s totally natural, with no medication or hormone therapies, no enhancements and no advice. It’s just happening.”

But he added that he always felt like a woman trapped in a man’s body

He said: “I have more a woman’s emotional and physical make-up, except for one difference – I was born with a male appendage. It’s that simple.

“My body is finally delivering the truth.”

He plans to have sexchange surgery as soon as he can afford it.

Peter added: “It will be my rebirth as a human. This is all happening for a purpose. I want to inspire male and females of all ages to seek truth.”