Rest In Peace Allan Byrne

Rest In Peace Allan Byrne

Friends and peers remember master shaper and surfer Allan Byrne

While I never met Allan Byrne, I did have the pleasure of owning one of his boards. It was a 7'6" pintail with his patented channel bottom. I bought it at a Sunset Beach garage sale for $50 and considered it a prized possession despite its beat up appearance and well past-its-prime age. With a gutter bottom and clean outline, the thing absolutely flew down the line—especially at Sunset Beach. Now that Allan has passed away after a scooter accident on Bali, I really wish I still had that board—nobody makes a channel bottom like that. Below are a bunch of heartfelt messages from friends, fellow shapers, pros, and peers of Allan. Rest in peace mate and enjoy that big barrel in the sky…—JC

Surfer/shaper Dylan Longbottom
RIP AB you are an absolute legend and since the first day I shaped my first channel bottom I just wanted to do them like you, nicest happiest guy out of the water too…will be missed by everyone

Hawaiian surfer Bobby Owens
Very sad to hear the about the passing of Allan Byrne. I was lucky enough to talk to him on a few occasions this past winter while he was here on the North Shore. He placed 2nd in the ’81 Pipeline Masters. This event was memorable because Simon had earlier dominated the previous Aussie season with his new Thruster, winning both the Bell’s and the 2SM / Coke. For me though, I will remember all the the sessions out at Sunset from the late 70’s into the 80’s surfing with Allan. He was one of Sunset’s best backsiders, smooth and drivey lines, setting the mark higher for all future backsides. He had a great vibe about him I always enjoyed our conversations! I will always remember those smooth bottom turns out of the pit and that nice backside carve off the top at Sunset Beach!

Surf photographer Simon "Swilly" Williams
AB . You will be so missed . He was one the greatest shapers and funniest humans you will ever meet . Thanks for making smile and enjoy life . You always knew when AB was in the room . I love you mate and miss you . Thanks for making life a richer one . RIP to one of the greatest legends . Love yah

Australian surf journalist Tim Baker
Loving thoughts to Allan Byrne’s family and many friends. So sad. We’ll remember him this way (go to 2:20 min)

Australian pro surfer Gary Green
The Boys In Heaven are gonna be riding the right sticks Vale AB

Surfer/shaper Simon Anderson
Al Byrne has passed away a true icon of surfing and board making. In this photo Shaun, Buttons, Bobby, Al in green singlet and me receiving the trophy but it was Al who was the most impressive surfer of the 81 Pipe final. Great surfer great shaper designer, Al has a legion of dedicated surfers of his progressive shapes and designs. Deepest sympathies to Al’s family and friends RIP.

Pete Matthews
hope I can do this at 62…love you AB. Photo: Frieden

Aussie filmmaker Simon "Shagga" Saffigna
RIP AB legend!

Australian tube guru David Scard
Fukin AB gold!

Pro surfer Joel Tudor
the worlds best channel bottoms just went to heaven!! very sad day for the surf/shaping community! RIP Alan Byrne…thanks for the beautiful boards and surfing you did here on earth while you were with us!! respect and aloha sir!!

Former World Champion Peter "PT" Townend
Sometimes the beauty of FACEBOOK, the out-pouring of love and respect for ALLAN BYRNE, R.I.P. is evidenced by all of these different images that have been posted and I so I’ve gathered them up, from a teenager on the New Zealand Team to the World Contest in Puerto Rico in ’68, to runner-up to Simon Anderson in the ’81 Pipe Masters, to making some the world’s finest surfboards, the master of the channel bottom, to still getting barreled in Indo. AB was a surfers’ surfer!

Gary "Kong" Elkerton
Thanks AB this is the board that you made for me in 84 that gave me all my wins at SunSet Beach, i rode this board 84,84,86,87 i was tagged Mr SunSet on her, RIP Bro she will be at your paddle out God Bless.