Restaurant Review And The Taste Of Success

Located just of the 78 freeway a few miles east of I-5 is a small, quaint, family run restaurant that caters to the discerning palette and the in-style art crowd. It’s name conjours up mystical images of the forest, wizards, and fantasy. It’s called Hooters.

As you pull up to Hooters you’ll first notice the long line of mid-twenties lads waiting for their turn at a dining delight. After a brief 20-minute wait, our party of 15 was seated and promptly greeted by our waitress who was tastefully dressed in a Hooters uniform. Her knowledge of chicken wings and ice-cold beer was astounding! She somehow guessed that we were thirsty and hungry at the same time—mind reading must be a prerequisite to becoming a Hooter’s girl.

As we sat in our stools enjoying the wonderful ambiance, we were treated to a “chair dance to AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long. “What timing we had, I thought to myself. I would’ve been disappointed to miss such a spectacle. But to my surprise, the “Chair dance routine happened three times while I was there.

When the food came, the extravagant flavors of Hooters secret chicken wing glaze and a hefty serving of ranch dressing touched my taste buds and tickled my senses. As I swam in a pool of pure enjoyment, a group of Hooter’s girls approached me and asked if I’d like to buy a calendar. Of course I did! What gourmet feast would be complete without a calendar featuring your waitress?

As the hours flew by I realized my time at Hooters would have to be cut short (two and a half hours). I had to go back to work. As the waitresses jokingly prodded me about returning to work, I caught her staring at my chest. While slightly offended, I fought past the anger to thank her for the great service. I exited the premises with a big smile on my face. I was very thoroughly satisfied and made a mental note to return to the fine establishment at any given chance.

Overall, the new Hooters is a pleasant, friendly, and wonderful place to enjoy gourmet cuisine at a reasonable price. Hooters gets my vote as the best new restaurant in town. They should franchise this place—they’d make a killing. Oh, and congratulations to the San Diego Sea Lions for their victory over the Santa Cruz Stormriders—Chris Cote