Results From Butterfish Surf Series Number Three In Ventura

Volcom Stones
Butterfish Surf Series #3
Saturday Jan.24th, C-Street in Ventura
In 3-5 long right handers

Point Break! Volcom Stones Butterfish Surf Series Event #3 went off with a bang with over a 100 competitors showing to rip, shred and tear the long right handers of California Street in Ventura. The biggest suprise of the morning was three car loads of groms showing up from Pismo Beach to throw down against the local kids. Dane Reynold showed up and put on a air spectacular early on, but went down in the quarters. Nate Tyler also made an appearance only to suprise everyone by being celebrity head judge. To top the day off the groms had there chance in a tournament of Put Put Golf on the beach with huge pile of free goods at stake.
The Grom final was a tight race between Matt McCabe, Robert Curtis, Spencer Regan, Mike McCabe,and Matt Johnson. Matt McCabe had a strong run all day but ended up in sixth, with Robert Curtis in fifth, Matt Johnson in fourth, Spencer Regan in third, and Mike McCabe in second place. It would be Cory Arrambide who posted some high scores early and never looked back, taking home the win, a skate deck and bag full of gear.

In the Juniors final it was Tyler Molesworth, Timmy Pfannesial, Garrett Carpenter, John Paul Taylor, Casey Whitajer, and Colin Schildhauer who        battled it out for win.  Casey took sixth, Timmy in fifth, Colin in fourth,and Garrett in third place. Tyler Molesworth finished in solid second place, with John Paul Taylor taking the victory by half a point on his home turf.

The Pro-Am Finalist battled it out for $200 bucks in cold hard cash. Sean Hayes finished up it sixth place, Kilian Garland took fifth, Tarik Kashogi in solid fourth place and Henry Mills finishing in Third. On a count back it would be local boy Adam Virs taking Second Place, $50 and a bag full of gear. Peter Mussio took home a bag full of gear, the win, and $200 in cash.

1.Cory Arrambide
2.Mike McCabe
3.Spencer Regan
4.Matt Johnson
5.Robert Curtis
6.Matt McCabe

1.John Paul Taylor
2.Tyler Molesworth
3.Garrett Carpenter
4.Colin Schildhauer
5.Timmy Pfannestial
6.Casey Whitaker

1.Peter Mussio $200
2.Adam Virs $50
3.Henry Mills
4.Tarik Kashogi
5.Kilian Garland
6.Sean Hayes