Results From H.B. Surf Series Event Number One

The Huntington Beach Pro/Am Surf Series, sponsored by Hurley International, and Ron Jon Surf Shop, held its first of eight competitions on March 3rd & 4th at Huntington Beach, Calif.

“The first event of the year went off with a blast! The waves were 3-4ft and really fun conditions. The weather held up for us all weekend and the surfing was incredible! We had some very high scores this weekend. Eight contestants won a brand new H.B. Pro/Am beenie for scoring a perfect 10! The rights and lefts coming off the Pier were great for competition and the surfers really stepped up to the conditions” says Seth Matson, Event Director.

Top surfers from California prominently showcased their talents in last weekends surf bout including surfers like Newport’s Richie Collins, HB’s Jeff Deffenbaugh, San Clemente’s Chris Drummy and many more.

Deffenbaugh turned some heads on Sunday, scoring over 5 seven’s in a row and a high score of 9.5 in the final heat of the Pro/Am division. He earned a prize of $2,000.00 for just under 2 hrs of surf time. Deffenbaugh, last years overall rated HB Pro/Am Champ, felt good about his surfing and says riding for his brother’s surfboard company has really helped fine tune his surfing skills. When asked what he would do with the $2,000.00 Deffenbaugh said ” Save, save, save. With 2 kids, a dog and a house I need to save just about every penny I make these days. I’ll probably take the kids to Chucky Cheese or something?”

Other 1st place winners in last weekends event were: Super Grom – Kyle Kennely, Boys – Chris Waring, Juniors – Brad Ettinger, Mens – Brandon Long, Masters – Jason Haughey, Womens – Tanya Booth, Longboard – Rocky Mckinnon and the new Airshow division winner – Dave Post. Check for a complete list of winners….

Taco Bell came down this weekend for a burrito eating contest and the winner won a brand new Surfboard donated by Sean Jenson of ELETIC Surfboards. It was a race between Barry Deffenbaugh and Micah Downey for the finish line but Barry grabbed the board 1st after wolfing down 3 burritos and running to the Pier and back. Barry, being the nice guy that he is, donated the board to little Micah as long as he promised to ride the board and not sell it. Thanks Barry! Generosity Generates….

The award ceremonies were a blast once again at the HB BEER CO. Sunday night after the event. The $5 dollar pizza’s were awesome and the $2 dollar beer quenched my thirst. The raffle was a hit as Robby Haugen won the custom ELETIC Surfboard, Kyle Kennely won a brand new Hurley Full Suit and a lucky restaurant eater won a brand new Sector 9 skateboard! A portion of the raffle $ went to the Surfrider Foundation…

Other Sponsors we love included: Dukes, HB Beer Co., Aloha Grill,, Chimayo’s at the Beach, Freestyle,, ELETIC Surfboards, Surfer Magazine, Miken Clothing, Golds Gym,Wahoo’s fish taco, Taco Bell, Surfrider Foundation, Pacifico, Sector 9, Kroq, Interscope, Chipotle and the good old Sugar Shack. To find out more about these sponsors check out the sponsor page click here or call (714) 596-5019.

The next event will be held on April 21st and 22nd at Goldenwest St. in Huntington Beach. This event is a Single Rated event, which features a $1,000.00 1st place prize for just under 2 hours surfing time!!! Competitors are encouraged to sign up ahead of time to guarantee a spot.

Complete info on the HB Pro/Am Surf Series 2001, including photos, ratings, results, live cams and more is available on our bling bling website

1)Jeff D-Baugh$2,000
2)Richie Collins$400
3)Mike Hoisington$300
4)Ryan Cagle$200

1)Dave Post $500
2)Kieth Granger
3)Marc Belmonte
4)Brandon Guilmette

Super Groms
1)Kyle Kennelly
2)Tommy Hennekan
3)Jesse Steelman
4)Taylor Fitzpatrick

1)Chris Waring
2)Kory Lapoint
3)John Paul Taylor
4)Julien Kelly

1)Brad Ettinger2)Brandon Guilmette
3)Chris Fowler
4)Travis Ferre

1)Brandon Long
2)Ted Navarro
3)Jason MacDonald
4)Dan Horgan

1)Jason Haughey
2)Mark Austin
3)Phil Lockman
4)Jon Wildfong

1)Tanya Booth
2)Heather T. Pine
3)Liz Kampen
4)Natalie Dix

For further information, contact Seth Matson at Forward Progress:P.O. Box #883 – HB, Ca.