Results From NSSA Open Season Contest Number One

SEPTEMBER 7-8, 2002
The Southwest Conference 2002/03 season officially swung into actionwith the Open Season event #1 on September 7-8 at Golden West Street inHuntington Beach. Clean 2-3 foot shorebreak peaks were on hand forSaturday’s prelims. On Sunday, the surf picked up for the finals withshoulder high sets as the first signs of a powerful Southern Hemi swellwere starting to fill in.
Huntington Beach High School Senior Brett Simpson opened up the seasonwith a decisive victory in the Men’s final over Andrew Gahan, Tommy Vosand visiting Hawaii surfer Chris Satterfield. Simpson, who was lastseason’s runner up in the Open Men’s standings, earned 2,000 points,which puts him in good position for a solid crack at the Southwest’smost prestigious title. An anticipated match up between Simpson, lastyear’s champion Travis Mellem and National Open Men’s runner up DaneReynolds didn’t materialize as both Mellem and Reynolds were eliminatedin the semis. However, Reynolds was up to his amazing antics going forthe most incredible moves, but not pulling them. Andrew Gahan, the 2002National High School Mens champion, posted the highest scores of theMen’s division in his semi, a 9.0, 8.0 and 7.5 for a 24.5 total. Fourthplace finisher Chris Satterfield will not be a stranger to the Southwestevents this season. Chris tells us he will be competing in both theNSSA Hawaii and Southwest Open Season events. When asked why he’s doingboth, Chris said, “I want to surf against the best guys from Californiaand the best from Hawaii. That will make me a stronger surfer andbetter competitor when it comes to the Nationals.” Good thinkingChris! We’ll see if it pays off next June!
Andrew Gahan had the highest point totals of the Men’s division, but15-year-old Kilian Garland collected the highest totals of the entireevent in the Juniors final. Kilian destroyed three waves for a 25.5total. Kilian was going straight up on every turn, showing us why he isthe owner of three National titles. Kilian kills it! Chad Compton tooksecond, Kellen Ellison third and Dane Ward fourth. Three NSSA GoldCoasters (Kilian, Kellen and Chad) claimed the top three spots,allright!
It’s only September and we already have a mini streak going by a minigrom. Yep, it is by 10-year-old Andrew Doheny of Newport Beach whoalready has three victories under his belt in a week’s time. Andrewcame up to the Gold Coast opener last week at Mandalay Beach in Oxnardand won the Menehuene division. This weekend, Andrew won the Open MiniGroms and then surfed up in the Open Boys and took that one!
Lauren Sweeney killed her semi and was seen throwing some water on herturns. She took the Women’s final in a close battle with runner upErica Hosseini.
1. Brett Simpson
2. Andrew Gahan
3. Tommy Vos
4. Chris Satterfield
1. Kilian Garland
2. Chad Compton
3. Kellen Ellison
4. Dane Ward
1. Andrew Doheny
2. Brent Reilly
3. Dane Zaun
4. Kyle Kennelly
1. Andrew Doheny
2. Jesse Steelman
3. Kolohe Andino
4. Whitman Bedwell
1. Lauren Sweeney
2. Erica Hosseini
3. CJ Soto
4. Tallie Beauvais