Results From NSSA Open Season Contest Number Three In Huntington Beach

OCTOBER 5-6, 2002

In a power packed final, defending Southwest Open Men’s champion Travis Mellem, 17 of San Clemente, defeated Dane Reynolds, Brett Simpson and Julian Mullins to win the Men’s division of the Open Season event #3 at Huntington Beach Pier. A southwest swell produced waves in the small 1-3 foot range but the good sand bars on the south side of the pier produced fun, rippable lefts and rights.

Travis controlled the final opening up with an 8.0 ride and then immediately backed it up with a 9.0 leaving his opponents in a serious catch-up game. Neither Dane, Julian nor even the local know-how of Brett Simpson could match Travis’ performance. The victory shot Travis up ten ratings spots from 16th to 6th overall. In a close race after event #3 Andrew Gahan is still leading by a slim 120 points over Dane Reynolds.

Kilian Garland is still nursing a broken wrist but you’d never know it. He got off to a good start opening up the Juniors final with a perfectly executed air reverse. That put him on the fast track to his second victory of the season. Max McIlwee made it two finals in a row taking second. Brothers Kellen and Kai Ellison took third and fourth respectively. Kellen is hanging tough in the Juniors ratings lead but Kilian is hot on his tail trailing by only 190 points.

After coming off his first ever NSSA win at the San Clemente Open event #2, Ford Archbold ripped the Boys final again to take his second straight victory. Mini Grom Andrew Doheny took second, Brent Reilly came in third and Duran Barr made his first career NSSA final and took fourth. Andrew is still out in front in the Boys ratings with Ford and Brent closing in.

Andrew has gone undefeated in the Mini Groms winning his third straight. Kolohe “Brother” Andino was runner-up followed by Jesse Steelman and Kelly Zaun who made his first ever final!

In the Women’s division, Erica Hosseini scored her first win of the season, which also put her on top of the ratings. H.B. local Eva Lewington took second followed by Lauren Sweeney in third and Jenny Quam in fourth. We also want to congratulate Erica for making us proud and winning the NSSA Expression Session at the “SG’s Queen of the Creek” WQS event at Salt Creek on Saturday. Allright!

Tommy Lloy scored his third consecutive victory in the Longboard division in a closely fought final over runner-up Scott Hutchins. Both Justin Hugron and Steve Newton fell victim to interference calls and finished up third and fourth respectively.

O-SMAS LIFT OFF-The first of four O-SMAS NSSA airshows was held and despite the small swell, H.B. pier produced some decent high tide ramps. Junior airman Max McIlwee led off the flight operation with a good standard air in quarter #1 earning a 6.0. Dane Reynolds zoomed back in quarter #2 with a clean frontside grab reverse scoring a 7.3. Everyone thought that was the winner until quarter #4 when Brett Simpson launched a huge air reverse earning a 9.0.
1. Brett Simpson-9.0
2. Dane Reynolds-7.3
3. Max McIlwee-6.0
=4. Adam Knox-4.0
=4. Bert Farley-4.0
6. Ian Ekberg-2.3
7. Geoff Rill-1.7
8. Cory Arrambide-1.3

HIGH SCORING WAVE OF THE EVENT-In the Men’s quarters, Dane Reynolds earned a near perfect 9.5 score with a lethal backside attack on one of the infamous H.B. Pier lefthanders.

HIGH SCORING POINT TOTALS OF THE EVENT-For the second Open in a row, Dane Reynolds posted the highest heat total. In Dane’s quarterfinal, he got the 9.5, which was the high score of the event and then backed it up with an 8.0. His throwaway score in that quarterfinal was a 7.0!


1. Travis Mellem-San Clemente 16.5
2. Dane Reynolds-Ventura 12.0
>3. Brett Simpson-Huntington Beach 10.0
4. Julian Mullins-San Diego 9.5

1. Kilian Garland-Orcutt 12.0
2. Max McIlwee-San Clemente 8.5
3. Kellen Ellison-Ventura 7.5
4. Kai Ellison-Ventura 7.0

1. Ford Archbold-Newport Beach 11.5
2. Andrew Doheny-Newport Beach 10.0
3. Brent Reilly-Carlsbad 9.0
4. Duran Barr-Carlsbad 4.0

1. Andrew Doheny-Newport Beach 11.0
2. Kolohe Andino-San Clemente 9.5
3. Jesse Steelman-Huntington Beach 8.0
4. Kelly Zaun-Hollyglen 4.0

1. Erica Hosseini-Newport Beach 7.5
2. Eva Lewington-Huntington Beach 7.0
3. Lauren Sweeney-Encinitas 6.5
4. Jenny Quam-San Juan Capistrano 5.5

1. Tommy Lloy-Dana Point 10.5
2. Scott Hutchins-Carlsbad 9.0
3. Justin Hugron-Huntington Beach 7.5
4. Steve Newton-Capistrano Beach 5.5