Results From NSSA Southwest Conference Explorer Event Number Three


The NSSA timed it perfectly! A good, building northwest swell and superior sandbars combined with an Indian summer weekend producing epic H.B. conditions. The waves were head high to a foot overhead and glassy with long peeling rights and lefts to the beach. The waves were going off and so were some of the performances witnessed throughout the weekend.

H.B. local Dan Fennell took his second victory in the Men’s division. Fennell opened up with an excellent 8.5 wave, which was the best score of the Men’s final. He backed it up with a good 6.5 score to clinch the win. Fennell now owes a near 1,200-point lead in the Men’s standings. In the Juniors division, Travis Mellem nailed his second consecutive victory, which also moved him from third to first in the ratings. Travis dominated the event winning every heat while convincingly winning the final by a 4.5 point spread over runner-up Ricky Whitlock. The Boys division saw Marty Weinstein score his second consecutive victory in a close decision over Brighton Brandenburger. Both Marty and Brighton posted 8.0 rides. Brighton earned his 8.0 when he launched a double grab air on a set wave. It’s looking like a nail biter in the Boys race with Logan Strook still hanging on to a slim lead over Matt Mohagen and Marty Weinstein. Thomas Clarke, better known as “T-Grom” sealed his first victory of the season in the Menehuene final in a close decision over Brent Reilly and Dane Zaun. T-Grom also made the Boys final…good job T-Grom! It was no surprise that former National Open Men’s Champion and pier local Barry Deffenbaugh lit it up in the Masters final taking a unanimous victory over Greg Browning. With the epic conditions, believe it or not, no one scored a perfect 10 until Sean MacDonald destroyed a set wave knifing fast and precise vertical turns and finishing it up with a powerful re-entry. Sean still has his work cut out for him as he holds on to a 400-point lead over defending champion and tenacious competitor Chas Wickwire. In the Super Seniors, Rick “Rockin Fig” Fignetti took command of his neighborhood claiming his first victory of the season. “Fig” opened up with a solid 7.0 score and backed it up with another 5.0 ride. Current Open Women’s leader Erica Hosseini took command of the Women’s final picking off a good 7.5 score and a 5.5 to handily win her first Explorer of the season. Steve Newton scored his first Explorer win of the season in Longboard and Daniel Matthews also took his first victory in Bodyboard.

HIGH SCORING WAVE OF THE EVENT – Sean MacDonald’s flawlessly surfed 10.0 wave in the Seniors final.

COMING UP-The 2002/03 Southwest Conference Open Season event #5 five star rated worth double points will take place at Seaside Reef on December 7-8 followed by Explorer event #4 on December 14-15 at Church Beach.


1- Dan Fennell-Huntington Beach 15.0
2- Sean Taylor-Carlsbad 12.5
3- Andrew Gahan-San Clemente 12.0
4- Todd Hutton-Huntington Beach 11.5
5- Eric Trapschuh-Huntington Beach 6.5
6- Steve Przybylowski-Huntington Beach 3.0

1- Travis Mellem-San Clemente 16.0
2- Ricky Whitlock-Carlsbad 12.0
3- Ian Ekberg-Huntington Beach 11.5
4- Chris Waring-Seal Beach 11.0
5- Alex Gray-Palos Verdes 10.5
6- Branden Ragenovich-San Clemente 7.0

BOYS1- Marty Weinstein-Santa Ana 13.5
2- Brighton Brandenberger-Newport Beach 13.0
3- Matt Mohagen-Culver City 12.5
4- Thomas Clarke-Cardiff 10.5
5- Tommy Steury-Huntington Beach 9.5
6- Ryan Burch-Encinitas 8.0
1- Thomas Clarke-Cardiff 10.5
2- Brent Reilly-Carlsbad 10.0
3- Dane Zaun-Hollyglen 9.5
4- Andrew Doheny-Newport Beach 6.0
5- Kyle Kennelly-Huntington Beach 5.0
6- Brad Hagglund-Encinitas 4.0

>1- Erica Hosseini-Newport Beach 13.0
2- Allison Arvisu-Huntington Beach 8.5
3- Colleen Mehlberg-San Clemente 8.5
4- Anastasia Ashley-San Clemente 8.0
5- CJ Soto-Carlsbad 7.5
6- Erica Becerra-La Jolla 3.0

1- Barry Deffenbaugh-Huntington Beach 16.0
2- Greg Browning-Manhattan Beach 15.0
3- Chad Wells-Seal Beach 14.0
4- Darren Brilhart-Huntington Beach 11.0
5- Evan Slater-Carlsbad 10.5
6- Chas Wickwire-Seal Beach 6.5

1- Sean MacDonald-Huntington Beach 17.0
2- Chas Wickwire-Seal Beach 12.5
3- Mike Gillard-Imperial Beach 10.0
4- Rusty Phillipy-Cardiff 9.5
5- Mike Lamm-Oxnard 9.0
6- Craig Macia-San Diego 8.5

SUPER SENIORS1- Rick Fignetti-Huntington Beach 12.0
2- Scott Lewis-Los Angeles 10.5
3- Patrick Schlick-La Mirada 10.0
4- Peter Townend-Huntington Beach 8.0
4- Dwight Strayer-Malibu 7.5
5- Pat Conway-Woodland Hills 7.0

1- Steve Newton-Capistrano Beach 13.0
2- Tommy Witt-San Clemente 12.5
3- Justin Hugron-Huntington Beach 12.0
4- Mike Gillard-Imperial Beach 11.5
5- Tommy Ostendorf-Manhattan Beach 9.5
6- Scott Hutchins-Carlsbad 8.5

1- Daniel Matthews-Costa Mesa 12.0
2- Danny Hart-San Juan Capistrano 10.0
3- Shane Vogelgesang-San Clemente 8.5
4- Sean Sanders-Ladera Ranch 8.0
5- Darren Moody-Huntington Beach 7.5
6- Chris Corona 7.0
7- Lee Redmond-San Juan Capistrano 5.0

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