Results From NSSA Southwest Conference Explorer Event Number Two

The Southwest Conference Explorer season held the second event of the 2002/03 season at “Trails” beach in San Onofre State Park. Waves of 2-3 feet were on tap for Saturday and increased to 4 feet on Sunday. Approximately 275 contestants were on hand competing for qualifying points and invitations to the 2003 NSSA Western and National Championship events.

Current Southwest Open Men’s leader Andrew Gahan scorched the competition in the Men’s final earning a near flawless 9.5 on his third ride, the best score of the contest. He backed that up with another fantastic 9.0 score for a two-wave total of 18.5, the highest of the two-day event. Right off the bat, Travis Mellem took control of the Juniors final scoring a 7.5 on his first ride. Runner up Chris Waring opened up with a 6.0 and then collected a 5.5 on his third ride. Travis came back with an 8.0 on his last wave to clinch the victory; his second win in a week’s time (Travis won the H.B. Open on October 5-6). The Juniors race is already getting exciting with Chris Waring trailing Kory LaPoint by a slim 130 points and defending champ Travis narrowing the gap behind Chris by 224 points. Marty Weinstein was killing it from his round one Boys heat on, so it was no surprise that he claimed his first victory of the season. In his round one heat on Saturday, Marty collected a 7.0 and 8.0 score for a 15.0 heat total-the highest of day. Explorer newcomer Ryan Burch took second place in the Boys final-his best ever placing in NSSA! In the Menehuene final, Dane Zaun and Mini Grom Andrew Doheny battled back and forth for the lead until Dane went airborne pulling a clean frontside standard air. San Clemente High School’s friendly rivals Stephanie Cadman and Colleen Mehlberg went one-two in the Women’s final with Stephanie just edging out Colleen by a 0.5. Chas Wickwire claimed the event’s daily double winning both the Masters and Seniors divisions. Even though Chas is from Seal Beach, we are starting to think he is a “Trails” local. For the second year in a row he has scored double victories in the Masters and Seniors at the Trails Explorer! Patrick Schlick took his second straight in the Super Seniors. Scott Hutchins survived an opening charge by Explorer event #1 winner Tommy Witt to take his first victory of the season in Longboard. Tommy opened up the final with two strong waves scoring 7.0 and 6.0. Scott earned a 7.5 midway through the heat and nailed a 6.5 on his final wave to seal the victory.

HIGH SCORING WAVE AND POINT TOTALS OF THE EVENT – Andrew Gahan captured both the high scoring wave and point totals in the Men’s final. And lets give credit where credit’s due. With the consistently mushy conditions at the San Onofre “Trails” break, high scoring, critical maneuvers are somewhat rare. Except that is in the Men’s final when Andrew went all-out on a left hander with two huge vertical blasts posting a near perfect 9.5 and then lit up on another one earning a 9.0.

COMING UP-The 2002/03 Southwest Conference Open Season event #4 will take place at Church Beach on November 9-10 followed by Explorer event #3 on November 16-17 at Huntington Beach Pier.


1- Andrew Gahan-San Clemente 18.5
2- Josh Montgomery-Carlsbad 14.5
3- Dan Fennell-Huntington Beach 11.5
4- Steve Przybylowski-Huntington Beach 10.0
5- Todd Hutton-Huntington Beach 9.5
6- Jamie Meistrell-Torrance 9.0

1- Travis Mellem-San Clemente 15.5
2- Chris Waring-Seal Beach 11.5
3- Nico Becerra-San Diego 10.0
4- Alex Gray-Palos Verdes 9.0
5- Kory LaPoint-Huntington Beach 8.5
6- Justin Munyon-San Clemente 7.5

1- Marty Weinstein-Santa Ana 12.5
2- Ryan Burch-Encinitas 11.5
3- Matt Mohagen-Culver City 10.5
4- Chris Slayter-San Diego 8.5
5- Mason Ho-Haleiwa, Hi 8.0
6- Allan Kincade-Costa Mesa 7.0

1- Dane Zaun-Holllyglen 13.0
2- Andrew Doheny-Newport Beach 12.0
3- Brent Reilly-Carlsbad 9.5
4- Kyle Kennelly-Huntington Beach 9.0
5- Brad Hagglund-Encinitas 7.0
6- Sebi Becerra-San Diego 5.0

1- Stephanie Cadman-San Clemente 9.0
2- Colleen Mehlberg-San Clemente 8.5
3- Laura Marasco-Huntington Beach 7.0
4- Darlene Conolly-Del Mar 6.5
5- Heidi Tschauner-Huntington Beach 6.0
6- CJ Soto-Carlsbad 4.5

1- Chas Wickwire-Seal Beach 12.5
2- Andrew Valentine-Redondo Beach 10.0
3- Mickey Kook-Los Angeles 9.0
4- Sean MacDonald-Huntington Beach 8.5
5- Evan Slater-Carlsbad 6.5
6- Greg Browning-Manhattan Beach 0.0

1- Chas Wickwire-Seal Beach 12.5
2- Rusty Phillipy-Cardiff 10.0
3- Sean MacDonald-Huntington Beach 9.5
4- Mike Glevy-San Diego 7.5
5- Mike Gillard-Imperial Beach 5.0
6- David Barr-Carlsbad 1.5

1- Patrick Schlick-La Mirada 12.5
2- Dwight Strayer-Malibu 7.5
3- Bart Yarnold-Channel Islands Harbor 7.0
4- Rick Fignetti-Huntington Beach 6.5
5- Peter Townend-Huntington Beach 6.0
6- Scott Lewis-Los Angeles 4.5

1- Scott Hutchins-Carlsbad 14.0
2- Tommy Witt-San Clemente 13.0
3- Justin Hugron-Huntington Beach 11.5
4- TJ Ridings-Los Alamitos 11.0
5- Tommy Ostendorf-Manhattan Beach 10.5
6- Todd Rice-San Diego 5.5