Results From Open Season Contest Number One


Excellent surf from Hurricane Gil arrived right on schedule for the OpenSeason opener at Salt Creek on September 8 & 9. Long lined up 4-6 footlefts off the point produced a great showcase for California’s beststudent surfers who were competing in the event.

HIGHLIGHTS OF OPEN SEASON #1Four of California’s hottest young surfers, 2000 National Open JuniorChampion Travis Mellem, 2001 Western Juniors Champion Dane Reynolds,Gold Coast Junior Champion Nathaniel Curran and visiting NSSA Hawaiisurfer Raymond Reichle matched up in an exciting finals showdown. BothNathaniel and Dane came off strong semi-final performances with Danepulling off an incredible 360 air. But Travis was on fire in the finalposting a 24.0 point total out of 30 points for his best three waves.Travis registered an almost perfect 9.5 wave score busting out some bigmoves on a long left and backed it up with two waves scoring a 7.5 and7.0. Dane got off to a slow start and midway picked up a 7.0 and a heatending 6.5 wave score but it was too little too late. Because of abroken fin on his favorite board, Nathaniel surfed the final on aborrowed board and gave a valiant effort, but unfortunately couldn’tperform at his best. NOTEWORTHY FACT ? Three of the four finalists arein their first year in the Mens…Travis, Dane and Raymond, althoughTravis and Dane surfed up and competed in Mens last season. Surfing upinto more competitive divisions can build up some valuable experience!

14 year old Chris Waring of Seal Beach got off to a huge start by takingthe win in the Open Juniors division. The door was left wide open forChris when Southwest Explorer Boys Champion Alex Gray got upset in thequarters by Brandon Ragenovich and Dane Ward who went on to make thefinal. Chris narrowly defeated runner up Kellen Ellison of Ventura by ascored of 18.0 to 17.0. The victory will give Chris a valuable 2,000points and a jump start to what is setting up to be a hotly contestedJuniors race. San Clemente’s Ward and Ragenovich finished 3rd and 4threspectively. ANOTHER NOTEWORTHY FACT ? Both Chris and Kellen are youngfor the Juniors division. Chris is in his second year with one moreyear remaining and Kellen just stepped up from the Open Boys!

In the first week of NSSA competition, the dominant guy has been 12 yearold Cory Arrambide of Ventura. Cory was destroying the Salt Creek leftsto take the win in the Open Boys final. Earlier in the semis Cory hadtwo waves earning a nearly perfect 9.5 and 9.0. In the final his totalheat score was an outstanding 24.0 out of a possible 30 points with hisbest three waves coming in at 9.0, 8.5 and 6.5. Chris Slayter took 2nd,followed by Tommy Steury 3rd and Brent Reilly 4th.

The highlight of the event had to be the Mini Grom final when our 10 &under kids found themselves smack in the middle of one of the biggestand most consistent sets of the day. The double overhead bombs didn’tstop 10 year olds’ Dane Zaun, Ford Archbold and Sebastian Becerra and 8year old Andrew Doheny from going for it. Dane Zaun ripped the bestwave of the final which scored an 8.0 to seal the win. Andrew took 2nd,Ford 3rd and Sebastian 4th.

In the Womens division, NSSA newcomer Lauren Sweeney took the victoryover women’s standout Anastasia Ashley. Lauren set the pace of the heatwhen she ripped a long left good for an 8.0 score. She then backed itup with a solid 6.5 ride which sealed the victory. Karlene Wiegand took3rd and CJ Soto took 4th.

In the Bodyboard final, 2001 National Middle School Bodyboard ChampionKris Espinoza took his first victory in Open competition. Runner upShelby Craig had the high scoring wave posting a 9.0 but didn’t havemuch to back it up. Kris had two good waves scoring a 6.5 and 6.0 whichsealed the win. Josh Singh took 3rd and Kris Massie 4th

INJURY REPORT ? If you noticed that Tanner Gudauskas’ name wasn’t in theresults, it’s because he is recovering from knee surgery. TG was at theOpen checking in for points in the Juniors division and cheering on hisbrothers Dane and Patrick who both had solid performances. Dane made itto the Mens quarters and Patrick made the semis. We’re happy to reportthat Tanner is on the road to recovery and will be back in actionprobably sometime in November. And after having to sit out a couplemonths, Tanner G will be more amped than ever to put that contest jerseyback on!

COMING UP ? The NSSA Gold Coast Conference event #2 at Port Hueneme onSeptember 15. OSMAS is coming to the Gold Coast with the first airshowevent of four scheduled for the Gold Coast. The NSSA SouthwestConference Explorer Season will kick off with event #1 five star ratedand worth double points on September 22-23 at Huntington Beach 9thStreet ? the infamous “Taco Bell Reef.” The Open Season will continuewith event #2 on September 29-30 at Oceanside South Jetty. The firstevent of the OSMAS series for the Open will be held at event #2.


1. Travis Mellem
2. Dane Reynolds
3. Nathaniel Curran
4. Raymond Reichle

1. Chris Waring
2. Kellen Ellison
3. Dane Ward
4. Brandon Ragenovich

1. Cory Arrambide
2. Chris Slayter
3. Tommy Steury
4. Brent Reilly

1. Dane Zaun
2. Andrew Doheny
3. Ford Archbold
4. Sebastian Becerra

1. Lauren Sweeney
2. Anastasia Ashley
3. Karlene Wiegand
4. CJ Soto