Results From The Final Event Of The Goldfish Series

Show Down! The Final event of Volcom Stone’s Goldfish was held in fun two- to four-foot, ripable right-handers peeling in to the north side of the pier. Despite the extremely cold conditions and rainy skies, over 100 kids showed up and were amped to compete for cash, prizes, free breakfast from Red Bull, and qualifying spots for VQS Champs.

In the Grom division it was tight battle. Eli Cole finished sixth, Walter Deyerle in fifth, Matt Johnson in fourth, Colin Anderson in third and Robert Curtis finishing up in second. It was Matt Gallagher taking home the win, a bag full of prizes and a Lib Tech snowboard.

The Junior Final saw some new faces, Jessie Ferris and Nic Lamb who ventured down from the Westside of Santa Cruz. Nic took the win, with Jessie in second. Third went to Calder Deyerle, with T.J. Mortimer in forth, and Timmy Pfannestiel and Mike Maddelein rounding out the final in sixth.

The Pro-Am final was heated battle from start to finish. Mr. Greg Pobst took home sixth, with Henry Mills in fifth, Walter Cerney in forth, and Dustin Ray in third. Scoring a solid wave in the closing minutes Nate Tyler earned himself a solid second place, $50 cash and a backpack full of prizes. It was Zack Hartley who led the heat from start to finish who walked away with the win, a bag full gear, and $200 cash.Pro-Am
1.Zack Hartley  $200
2.Nate Tyler $50
3.Dustin Ray
4.Walt Cerney
5.Henry Mills
6. Greg Pobst

1.Nic Lamb
2.Jesse Ferris
3.Calder Deyerle
4.T.J. Mortimer
5.Timmy Pfannestiel
6.Mike Maddelein

1.Matt Gallagher
2.Robert Curtis
3.Colin Anderson
4.Matt Johnson
5.Walter Deyerle
6.Eli Cole