Results From The First Ever California State Games

The following are results from the California State Games held on July 14 at Del Mar Jetties in North San Diego County. Competitors were treated to fantastic contest conditions of 3-4 feet with occasional 6 foot sets. A combination South swell with a NW wind swell created peaky conditions with lots of top to bottom barrels. It was not uncommon to see the competitors completely disappear behind the lip only to reappear down the line. This Olympic style event drew approximately 60 competitors from throughout California.

Girls 13-15 yrs
Gold Lauren Sweeney
Silver Courtney Marsh

Girls 16-18
Gold Darlene Connolly

Boys 9¿12
Gold Michael Marsh

Boys 13-15 yrs
Gold Jensen Hasset
Silver Tommy Sullivan
Bronze Chris Smith
Fourth Justin Munyon

Boys 16-18 yrs
Gold Dane Johnson
Silver Darrell Goodrum
Bronze Rio Flores
Fourth Justin Birks