Results From The O’Neill/Heritage Grom Prix

SEA ISLE CITY, NJ, July 2, 2002- Eighty hyperactive surf groms were on hand and hungry for the opportunity to dominate over their peers in one of the most prestigious 15 & under surf contests in the North East.

The O?Neill, Heritage Grom Prix took place last week in Sea Isle, NJ. There were four divisions; runts, menehune, boys and girls.

“The waist high and clean conditions provided a perfect venue for the competitors from all over the state to showcase their talents and have a shot at winning the incredible prizes provided by the sponsors,” said Brian Heritage, owner of Heritage Surf and Sport and coordinator for the event.

Besides the prize giveaways for the surfing there were a few side competitions including eating sandy pizza, wheelbarrow races and tackling unsuspecting female passerby?s.

“The kids would do just about anything for a free prize,” said Heritage.

The boys final was the most exciting heat of the day with Nick Evancich blowing away the competition.

“The tide filled back in and the wind went side- offshore providing for nice little pockets to link some solid turns together,” said Heritage.

The final results:

1. Michael Ciarmella
2. Shane Matthews
3. Cory Hennessey
4. Chip Garguilo

1. Ray Leotta
2. Kyle Able
3. Chris Eaves
4. Ian Bloch

1. Nick Evancich
2. Ryan Daley
3. Roxy Raciopeo
4. Josh Law

1. Cailin Callahan
2. Jenny Callahan
3. Brittany Hennessey
4. Tina Spadafora