Results From The Volcom Sea Slug Championships

January 12, 2002
Zuma Beach 3-4 foot and fun.
VQS Sea Slug Championships

On Saturday January 12, 2002 the Championship of the Volcom Sea Slugfinalized two things. One, who was going to win the season in eachdivision, and two, who would be the top 5 surfers to go on to the VQSChampionships in Newport on March 30th & 31st. With the event carrying a double rating the surfers got to decide this in fun waves and a greatday with 75 degree temps on the beach.


In the Grom division we saw a few first time finalists and a first timeSea Slug winner. Timmy Pfannenstiel who has made many a final but hadnot taken home the prize did it this time. Timmy took the first placePaddle trophy and ton of prizes and grinned all the way home. Timmylocked up the second place spot overall just behind Nick Rozsa who wonthree events this year.

In the Juniors division we saw another first time winner in FrankTesoro. Frank was stoked and walked away with enough goods and thesnowboard to be a happy camper. Nate Tyler came down from up north andsecured his overall season victory with an impressive second placeshowing. The Malibu gang had a good showing as well with three of themmaking the final.

In the Mens division the trend continued with a new Sea Slug winner,only this time it’s not his first win. Nathaniel Curran came down to win and he did just that taking home the $150 bucks and a bag of goodies. In second was the overall points champion Yves Bright and in third was double finalist Nate Tyler.

Additional product sponsors for the event were: Bully’s Leashes, GlobeShoes, Smith Eyewear, Vita Water Drinks, Dukes, Astro Deck, Cliff Bars,Head Hunter Sunblock, Freestyle Watches, Famous Surf Wax, Surfer,Surfing, & Transworld Magazines, Future Fin System and Val Surf & Sportand Becker Surf & Sport, my mom for tabbing and dad for shooting allthe pictures.

If you know you are in top 5 of your division and you did not give meyour address make sure you contact Troy Powell at> for your invite to the VQS Championships in Newport on March 30th & 31st. You don’t want to miss it.

1st. Timmy Pffanestiel
2nd Nick Rozsa
3rd Kelly Jacobson
4th Phillip Skene
5th Garrett Carpenter
6th David Louge

1st Frank Tesoro
2nd Nate Tyler
3rd Jamie Jacobson
4th Nick Rozsa
5th Keegan Gibbs
6th Spencer Guilburt

1st Nathaniel Curran
2nd Yves Bright
3rd Nate Tyler
4th Nick Nevarez
5th Rusty “Carl” White
6th Adam Swanson