Results From Volcom Starfish Series Contest Number Three

The 3rd event of the 2001 Starfish Surf Series was held on September 29th at 54th street in Newport Beach. Thesurf was 2 to 4 with good peaks coming from every direction. This contest was the biggest Starfish showingwith a total of 90 competitors. It lasted from 7:00AM to 3:30PM. The winners came home with a ton of prizesand custom made trophies. Josh Hoyer won the air show with a sick double grab frontside air reverse.


MikeHoisington from HB killed it in the Men’s final and edged out Geoff Moysa for the win and $150. ChaseNewsome won the Junior’s final and took home a Libtech snowboard. Max Macilwee won the Grom division tomake it three in a row. The next contest will be the double rated championship event on October 27th at 54thStreet again. Remember that the top 5 in every division at the end of the year will beinvited to The 2002 VQS* Championships.

Thanks to all the sponsors: DVS, Electric, Aleeda, Vestal, Ocean and Earth, Mountain High Resort,Consolidated skateboards, Libtech, Astrodeck, Becker (skateboards), Sex Wax, and Sector 9.


1. Mike Hoisington $150
2. Geoff Moysa $50
3. Zach Keenan
4. Chris Burdine
5. Dave Post
6. Josh Hoyer


1. Chase Newsome
2. Nick Johnson
3. Bummy “Fabio” Koepenick
4. Shane Steelman
5. Bert Farley
6. Matt McDonnell


1. Max Macilwee
2. Bret Farley
3. Andrew Doheny
4. Logan Strook
5. Drew Snyder
6. Bryan Doheny

Airshow winner:
1. Josh Hoyer $50