Revelation Movie Premiere

Bill Ballard unveils his latest flick.[IMAGE 1]Billygoat Productions and Surfing Magazine rounded up a bunch of industry cheese last night at Rock Bottom Brewery at the Irvine Spectrum for the premiere of Bill Ballard’s newest creation Revelation.

DJ Mark Moreno entertained the crowd early on — and so did Shane Beschen and Cory Lopez as they battled it out on the big screen playing O’Neill’s new surf-video game — but most were huddled around the bar swilling free drinks.

The 40-minute movie opened with a long section on Andy Irons, but also featured new and archival footage of Bruce Irons, Kalani Robb, Cory Lopez, Sunny Garcia, Occy, Chris Ward, Kelly Slater, Shea Lopez, Tamayo Perry, Braden Dias, Pancho Sullivan, Gavin Beschen, Kasey Curtis, and Mark Healy, among others.

There’s a strong focus on Hawaii throughout the movie, but also some good footage of Teahupoo, West Oz, the Mentawais, California, and J-Bay.

Revelation spends a lot of time one-on-one with the surfers, showing candid interviews with the riders, such as the chemistry between Bruce and Andy and Healy’s perspective on charging the North Shore as a grom. The interview and surf/voice-over formula is a solid recipe for psyched groms who want to find out what makes their heroes tick, but some sections were a little chatty.[IMAGE 2]The first public showing of Revelation will take place this Saturday at 8 p.m. on the beach at the San Clemente Pier as part of Billabong’s Soul In The Bowl event. — John Maynard