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Rocket From The Crypt

Circa Now + 4


Swami records has rereleased what is possibly the best record to ever come out of San Diego. That's a pretty hefty claim, but when talking about San Diego's favorite sons–Rocket From The Crypt–no one can argue. Circa Now was originally released in 1993 and immediately sent RFTC into the limelight with videos on MTV and loads of radio play. Tracks like “Ditchdigger,” “Sturdy Wrist,” and my personal favorite, “Glazed,” cemented Rocket's reputation as one of the greatest bands to shred the stages of the world. An added treat to this new disc is four new bonus tracks! If you don't already own Circa Now!, buy it. If you do own it–buy it again.



Southern Records

Karate fuses post-rock with jazz elements to create a sound new to most people. Music lovers will fawn over the genius instrumentation and spoken-word poetic vocals. Putting your finger on Karate's influences is difficult. I hear jazzed-up hints of Sea And Cake, subtle vibes of Five Style, and even traces of Codeine. Pockets is definitely an album you could listen to at your next cocktail party–your friends would be very impressed and no doubt ask, “who is this?”


Size Matters


I remember Helmet for two reasons: One was they were one of the first really heavy bands to have short hair, the other was 1992's Meantime, which spawned the hit song “Unsung” (my favorite song at the time). That was over a decade ago, and they have since released a few albums–but none that reached the success of Meantime. That's about to change with Size Matters. This album will tear you in half. While I can't pick out a hit, all the songs are animals. If you like Pantera, Corrosion Of Conformity, or The Melvins, you'll love this new Helmet record.

My Morning Jacket

Acoustic Citsuoga Live at the Startime Pavilion


My Morning Jacket plays soaring and beautiful blends of alt-country and dreamy pop. Vocalist Jim James has the voice of an American angel, and when you put slide guitar behind it, the effect is beautiful. This disc is a live set performed in a small theater for a friend of the band's birthday. Any fan of Bonnie Prince Billy, Tim Buckley, or Neil Young, will love this album. This is a really soothing and pretty record that is perfect for Sunday mornings or nighttime chilling out on the porch.

Kool Keith

… Presents Thee Undatakerz


Kool Keith will always bring you the freaky shit. This new disc is a horror-core adventure into Kool Keith's tweaked brain, and you will love the trip. The second song, “Party In The Morgue,” is an instant Keith classic that will have your ass shaking 'till you die and get buried by Thee Undatakerz. Keep your ears peeled for spaced-out rhymes, movie-style interludes, crazy characters, and all the Keith-isms you can stand. If you liked Gravediggaz, you'll love Thee Undatakerz.

Crunk Classics

>Crunk Classics


Sure, this CD is out of place on this page. Maybe I'm just a sucker for rap from the Dirty South, maybe I just like to get crunked–either way, from now on, when I feel like getting crunked, I'll be getting there with Crunk Classics. All the dirty's are here: Petey Pablo, Trick Daddy, Youngbloodz, Lil Jon, and more. You think I'm kidding? I'm not, this shit right hur is the best. Petey Pablo's “Raise Up” is on constant rotation on the iPod.



Second Thoughts

Timmy Turner Films

What do you get when you mix Survivor, Lord Of The Flies, and some of the best barrel riding ever seen? You get Second Thoughts. The people I watched this movie with were literally screaming and jumping up and down during some of the water sequences from inside the barrel. Other people started walking into the room because of the ruckus and immediately joined in, yelling with every wave. Tim Turner, Brett Shwartz, and Travis Potter are a crazy group of ferals who came through with one of the best surf movies of the year. Calling this movie a must-see is an understatement–it's more like a must-see-or-miss-something-amazing.


Sonic Youth

Corporate Ghost

The Videos 1990—2002

Sonic Youth is the greatest art-rock band of this generation. Their music is a thrash-happy blend of beauty and chaos. One overlooked aspect of their illustrious career is the videos they made to accompany their songs. This DVD starts way back in 1990 with “Dirty Boots” and goes all the way up to 2002 with a video for the song “Disconnection Notice” from the album Murray Street. All the hits are here, including “100%” (directed by Spike Jonze), “The Diamond Sea,” “Superstar,” and “Mote.” The bonus features are great–band commentary for every video, a Spike Jonze photo montage, and a few short films. Corporate Ghost is one of the best video discographies ever made, which is fitting for one of the best bands ever.


Volcom Stone

Anytime Volcom releases a movie, you know you're going to get some of the best action and most creative filmmaking available. Chichagof is a skate film that's as trippy as it is radical. Even if you don't skate, you'll be mesmerized by the filming and brilliant skating. The list of names in this video is ridiculous: Geoff Rowley, Mark Appleyard, Rune Glifberg, Dustin Dollin, Darrel Stanton, Ryan Sheckler, Alan Peterson, Aaron Suski, and Dennis Busenitz all shred your eye. Check out Geoff Rowley and friends as they kill your mind on a mini ramp in the forest–you're gonna die.


Surfing The Amazon

Bill Heath

I don't know how I got this film, but I'm glad I did. The movie Pororoca is filmed entirely in Brazil's deepest jungle, near the edge of the Amazon River. Pororoca is a tidal bore that roars up the Amazon, creating an overhead wave that can be ridden for over 30 minutes. A mad crew includes Ross Clarke-Jones, Carlos Burle, and local heroes Picuruta Salazaar and Eraldo Guerios. The most amazing aspect of the wave is the growl it makes as it devastates the banks of the river, ripping trees from their roots and sending birds howling into the sky–creating a truly legendary adventure tale.