Outkast-The Love Below/Speakerboxxx

Bob Marley-“Everything and anything by Bob”

Black Eyed Peas-Elephunk

Steely Dan-Aja

Alicia Keyes-The Diary Of Alicia Keyes

“When I’m traveling, I watch all the HBO shows on DVD-like Sex In The City and The Sopranos.”

Pit Er Pat


Thrill Jockey

Pit Er Pat is a weird, wonderful art-rock three-piece with some seriously warped ideas of melodies and song structures. Fusing tech drumbeats with winding organ lines and punchy bass, Shakey is an album full of awkward beauty that’s similar to Pinback (but with mostly female vocals) and an upbeat Black Heart Procession.

Ian Brown



You can’t read about Ian Brown without seeing the statement “ex-Stone Roses frontman.” This isn’t a bad thing, as the Stone Roses were one of the best bands of the early 90s. Now with his fifth solo album, Ian Brown continues to give fans what they want-great music. Solarized is an album filled with big songs that emanate some of the same emotional values as Oasis’ huge album (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? Check out this new Ian Brown release and prepare to be an instant fan.

LCD Soundsystem

LCD Soundsystem


Yet another (and one of the first) cool electro-dance New York City bands have come to funk your face. LCD Soundsystem has released a few EPs that were, in a word, sketchy. This new double-disc release is, on the other hand, awesome. Songs like “Daft Punk Is Playing At My House” and “Movement” will make your ass shake. If you like The Rapture, !!!, Radio 4, or Electric Six, you’ll appreciate LCD. Also, if you’re in New York, drop their name and people will think you know what’s up with the scene.

Fanny Pack

See You Next Tuesday

Tommy Boy

Do you like to dance? I do. Do you like sexy female rappers from Brooklyn? Oh my gosh, I do, too. Wow, we have a lot in common. What would make us even better friends is if you went out and got the new Fanny Pack album and danced your fanny off to it like I do every night. These three hot, young, rapping sex kittens will entice you with sass, ass, and tight rhymes. Think Salt ‘N Pepa or TLC, but sexier, skinnier, younger, and way more fun.


The Pre-fix For Death

Psycho Logical

He’s satanic, he’s psychotic, he raps about a lot of blood and death, and he’s pure street grit-he’s Necro. This DIY rap impresario slings quick lyrics with a slight lisp and spits some of the goriest, nastiest rhymes since The Geto Boys’ We Can’t Be Stopped. Look for guest rapper like Ill Bill, Mr. Hyde, and even Charles Manson. Here’s a rhyme sample to make you cringe: “Dead /you look like a droid/ I see through the void in your skull/ so we can’t leave the casket open/you’re too destroyed.” That’s good shit.


The Great Destroyer

Sub Pop

How does a band from Minnesota become the opening act for Radiohead? It’s easy-Thom York hears your CD and falls in loves with you, that’s how. Low’s new CD, The Great Destroyer, has thirteen tracks. Each track is its own beautiful story. Each is a wonderful example of a how a trio of artistic, minimalist musicians can pull your heart into what you’re hearing. They have been dubbed a fuzzed-out Velvet Underground, and in my opinion their sound fits into the vein of Yo La Tengo. This is some dreamy stuff.


The Taylor Steele Collection

Special Edition Collectors DVD Box Set Vol. 1

Poor Specimen

In the past, I have been accused of kissing Taylor Steele’s ass. I have never physically placed my mouth on Taylor’s buttocks; I have given his flicks good reviews, though. His videos get great reviews because they are great, and now you can have almost all of them in one fell swoop. The Special Edition Collectors DVD Box Set Vol. 1 is limited to 5,000 units (I have number 647) and includes Momentum, Momentum 2, Focus, Good Times, The Show, and Loose Change. All these titles come in a sharp silver box, and they are all re-mastered and better tthan ever. So there-another deserving Taylor Steele ass-kiss.

Next In Line

Marley Time Productions

Do-it-yourself surf videos are cool. They may not always have the biggest names or the best music, but they always have a certain charm that is undeniable. Next In Line is a great example of a DIY video that works. The footage is current, all the names are present (Andy, Bruce, Kelly, etc … ), and the surfing will get you amped-simple and effective. Check out good stuff from Brett Simpson, Ryan Carlson, Micah Byrne, Jay Larson, and Ryan Turner.


Alien Hominid

The Behemoth/03 Entertainment

This game is insane! Your UFO has crash-landed, and the FBI is out to get you-time to take them out! With fantastic graphics, lots of violence, and a fun story, Alien Hominid is the little game that will blow your mind. Support independent studios-play this game. You’ll love it.

ATV Offroad Fury


Things have changed since the first ATV Offroad Fury game came out a few years back. The graphics got better, the gameplay got more realistic, and the fun level rose to a new high. ATV Offroad Fury 3 is the best off-road racing game out there-period. Get this game and you’ll be battling up to four players at a time on some of the most ripping tracks and terrains you’ve ever seen in a game. ATV O.R.F.3 is a must-have for fans of any brand of racing game.