What (and why) is in Shane Dorian's beatbox?

Jay-Z The Blueprint

“All-time classic. The best at his best.”

Bob Marley Kaya

“Gotta have Bob in Hawai'i, Tahiti, and boat trips–anywhere mellow.”

50 Cent Get Rich Or Die Tryin'

“The best if you want to get pumped to surf or for a night on the town.”

Eminem The Eminem Show

“Another favorite. This white boy has skills.”

Braddah IZ Facing Future

“Always reminds me of home.”

David Bowie

Aladdin Sane 30th Anniversary 2CD Collection


This two-CD set is a must-have for any Bowie fan. The songs are remastered and glowing with newfound energy. With such Bowie classics as “Cracked Actor,” “The Jean Genie,” “Panic In Detroit,” and “Aladdin Sane,” there's no way you should be without this album. If you already own Aladdin Sane, the second disc has previously unreleased versions of “Life On Mars” and “Drive-In Saturday.” Also included are live recordings of “Changes,” “The Supermen,” and “John, I'm Only Dancing.” These songs will show you why David Bowie is Earth's greatest living musician.–Chris Cote

The Bronx

White Drugs

Ferret Music

Imagine a guy who sounds like Dave Grohl's little brother singing for a punk band influenced by Rocket From The Crypt, now throw in Death On Wednesday's former drummer and you've got The Bronx. Hailing from L.A., they're the perfect band to play your house party, but they'll probably be touring the country's coliseums before you can say, “Bring out the Foo Fighters.” The album is short, but jam-packed with solid rock 'n' roll. Plus it comes with a cool stencil.–David Small


The Artist In The Ambulance


I usually try to stay away from buzz bands, but Thrice just can't be overlooked. The songs range from rock anthems to post-punk, full-on Neurosis growls. I now understand why this is the buzz band of the moment–hard hit after hard hit will make any band a buzz. Fans of Finch, AFI, or The Used will like this. Thrice might also tickle the fancy of Neurosis, Alkaline Trio, and Poison The Well listeners as well.–C.C.




It's a new Ween album, so it's obviously an album that you should get. The fifteen songs on Quebec are pure Ween genius, complete with tastes of the whole Ween catalogue. “It's Gonna Be A Long Night” has a “Waving My Dick In The Wind” air to it. “Among His Tribe” has a White Pepper feel. “Tried And True” has a definite Mollusk vibe. “Fancy Pants” is like “Richard Smoker.” Shit, if you're not a Ween fan, I don't know what to tell you, other than you're blowing it. This is one of Ween's best albums ever.–C.C.


Two Angels In A Dream


Depswa has a new guitar player named James. He's a crazy-good guitar wrestler, and I'll buy any CD he plays on. The rest of the band members rip their respective gear as well. Depswa plays catchy hard rock with a definite metal edge. This band should be playing on your local rock radio station any time, so listen for them.–C.C.


Live Kreation


I remember being a little tow-headed surf geek back in 1989 wheen I first heard the band Kreator. The album was called Extreme Aggression, and that's exactly what it was. After that, Kreator kept churning out albums all throughout the 90s, and now in 2003, the German thrash heroes have just released this handsome two-disc set of them playing live before a large audience. If you're into 80s thrash-metal bands like Nuclear Assault, Exodus, and of course, the almighty lords of all that is metal, Slayer, then you might want to purchase this album. It's worth it for the cover art alone.–A.S.

Jack Johnson

On And On

Moonshine Conspiracy Records

Musician-filmmaker-surfer Jack Johnson recently released his second full-length album On And On. His first record, Brushfire Fairytales (2001), propelled the Pipeline standout and former UCSB film student from journeyman filmmaker (he made Thicker Than Water and September Sessions) to acoustic-rock superhero. His songs about life's little symbolic moments, views into the nuances of relationships, and descriptions of parties have made him one of the most popular surfers of all time. On And On isn't a drastic departure from BF, but it has polish and sophistication the first album lacked.–J.P.

The Sea And Cake


Thrill Jockey

This seven-song disc features two versions of “To The Author”–a song that sounds like Kraftwerk with Sam Prekop on vocals. The third song is jazzy and features John McEntire and his brilliant drumming (a must-hear for any drummer or anyone who likes the sound of awesome drums). Song four is more rocking and has an 80s vibe that fits well with Sam Prekop's soothing vocals. Song five was remixed by Stereolab, so naturally, it sounds like Stereolab. Songs six and seven will make love to you as well. This CD is a work of art.–Chris Cote

The National

Songs For Dirty Lovers


This new release from The National should be reserved for lovers, or for people who have just lost a lover. The music is deeply romantic and at the same time haunting and soothing. This disc is best listened to late at night or over a candlelit dinner. It has the feel of The Tindersticks or Nick Cave, while capturing a mystery all its own. Songs For Dirty Lovers is a beautiful testament to baritone vocals over violin and piano.–C.C.


Free Your Mind

TransWorld SKATEboarding

Once again the TransWorld SKATEboarding video crew has struck gold. Jon Holland, Ewan Bowman, and Jason Hernandez have put together a classic. Free You Mind is a comedic, serious, shocking, awesome, and entertaining skate video that no doubt will make you grab your skateboard and go skate. If you don't skate, this flick will make you skate. Dan Drehobl and Darrell Stanton are two of the most stylish guys on boards right now. Go get this shit and watch it ten times.–C.C.