Get ready to be slapped in the face by some true punk rock on Rancid’s new release, Indestructible. From song one to song nineteen, you’ll be rocking hard. This record shows why Rancid has been one of the world’s most respected punk bands for the last decade. The first song and title track “Indestructible” is hands down one of the best rock anthems of the 2000s. This album is an instant classic.—C.C.

My Morning Jacket

It Still Moves


Alt-country is a genre that crept onto the airwaves with the help of Whiskeytown, Wilco, and now My Morning Jacket. Its sound is best described as haunting and sultry with a bit of country twang. It Still Moves is a beautifully crafted album with enough variation between songs to remain on repeat throughout your day, or better yet, your late-night driving through the high plains of America.—C.C.


Canary Training Record

Redroom Recordings

O and the boys come through with yet another grunge-rock six-songer to blast on your way to the ramp, beach, ice-hockey rink, or whatever other action shit you do on your weekend. Canary Training Record is one of fluf’s heavier albums, with some deep-ass guitar and bass work. Expect the usual ripping leads from O’s Fender and some added crunch. This disc comes with a bonus video directed and filmed by Peter King that is ass-widdling fun.—C.C.

Skid Row


Skid Row Records

Skid Row’s got a new singer, man! Who needed Sebastian Bach? The new guy sounds just like Bach’s skinny ass anyway. The new Skid Row album could be useful if you want to get laid by some 80s hesh-chick, or just get wasted on MGD.—C.C.

Take Action! Volume 3

Sub City Records

Here’re over 40 bands trying to make a difference by simply putting a song on a compilation. Sub City Records has raised over 300,000 dollars for various nonprofit organizations since its inception in 1999. Take Action! Volume 3 is dedicating a sum of the profits to a suicide-prevention program called The National Hope Hotline. Go buy this double-set, support a good cause, and get some hot rock in the deal. Look for songs from Thursday, Thrice, Shadows Fall, Cursive, Elliott, Division Of Laura Lee, The Bronx, Avenged Sevenfold, and many more.—C.C.

Her Space Holiday

The Young Machines

Wichita Recordings

Help, I’m lonely and needy! As if HSF’s last album Home Is Where You Hang Yourself wasn’t sad enough, Marc Bianchi’s lyrics break your heart once again. This techno-pop-rock album is full of past lovers’ tales, cheap one-night stands, jealousy, drugs, insecurity, manic-depression, and all the good stuff that finds you when your relationship goes bust. If you love the heartbreaking and brutally honest sounds of The Postal Service, The Album Leaf, or The Good Life, then this is a must-have. Grab your pillow and let the sob-fest begin, you emotional mess!—P.T.

The Russian Futurists

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

Upper Class

This CD comes out of nowhere to blow your mind. Prepare to have a warm blanket of sound thrown over your head. Fans of The Shins and The Postal Service will be feeling this disc. The Russian Futurists seamlessly blend electro-pop with indie sensibilities and deliver ten songs filled with walls of keyboards, choir choruses, and layers of sound. Let’s Get Ready To Rumble will fit well in your record collection next to Polyphonic Spree’s The Beginning Stages Of … and The Postal Service’s Give Up.—C.C.

The Cars

Complete Greatest Hits


Take a ride back to the late 70s when new wave was introduced to the masses. The Cars was a new band from Boston that blew doors on everyone. Shortly after ccoming out, The Cars’ hit song “Just What I Needed” grabbed heavy airplay on every radio station in the country. Now some sixteen years after The Cars broke up, you can finally get every single hit from the band’s early days, like “Bye Bye Love” and “Good Times Roll” and early 80s video classics like, “Shake It Up” and “Drive.” Head on down to the music store and pick up this compilation of classics by a legendary band.—A.S.


The Modus Mix

Billygoat Productions

The Modus Mix is hands down the best female surf movie ever. This film should be required viewing for any young female surfer and for any chauvinistic male surfer who thinks that chicks can’t rip. You will be amazed at the talents of every girl in this video, especially Rochelle Ballard, Keala K., Megan Abubo, Sofia, Layne, Holly Beck, Serena Brooke, Jody Nelson, Chelsea Georgeson, and of course—Lisa Andersen. Women’s surfing has come a long way, and the evidence is all right here.—C.C.

Endless Summer II

Bruce Brown

The destined-to-be classic Endless Summer II is now available on DVD! Added bonus features like Bruce Brown’s commentary and a SurfSpeak section, and more, make this new DVD a must-have. If you’re a kid who hasn’t seen this movie—prepare to get hyped. Endless Summer II will be something to show your kids twenty years from now.—C.C.

Crossing The Line

Joel Guy

Crossing The Line gives you something you thought you’d never see—footage of Bruce and Andy surfing at home on Kaua’i. The opening section is wild with Bruce and Kamalei Alexander ripping a standing wave to bits. The movie goes on to spotlight some of the world’s best ripping unseen waves. Dustin Barca, Kamalei and Kala Alexander, Braden, Reef Macintosh, Chava, and the all the Kaua’i Boyz show you why they’re not a crew to be messed with in any size waves.—C.C.

Out Of Order

An Aquarium Film

The first-ever surf video from Osiris shoes, aptly titled Out Of Order, is more than just your ordinary surf flick—it’s an experience. Follow the Osiris surf team, including Danny Fuller, Cheyne Magnusson, Mikala and Daniel Jones, Matt Archbold, Tory and T.J. Barron, Ted Navarro, John Robertson, Jay Adams, Ola Eleogram, and Kala Alexander, among others to Indonesia, Japan, Costa Rica, Mainland Mexico, Tahiti, Australia, and the heavy waters of the North Shore.

A cool highlight in Out Of Order is Goose’s cutback to boardslide on the floatilla rail he had custom-built on Maui. The soundtrack features all original music scored specifically for the movie, which in turn, truly encompasses the entire surf experience, just be prepared to sit on the couch for about two hours.

In this day and age of fast-paced surf vids, this new DVD is quite a refreshing change of pace. Young and old alike will enjoy Out Of Order.—A.S.